Illegal espionage: D'Alessio and Stornelli, closer to the dock

The federal judge Martín Bava started the process so that Marcelo Sebastian D’Alessio and the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli they sit on the bench of the accused to answer for the illicit association – dedicated to espionage and intervening in legal cases – that is being investigated in the Dolores courts. The list of those who may be brought to trial is extensive: there are ex-police officers, former members of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), a prefect who spied on the migratory movements of the president of the Supreme Court, the provincial prosecutor Juan Ignacio Bidone and the members of the chat group from where the false lawyer organized millionaire transfers of funds of illicit origin abroad.

Bava, who has been a surrogate in Dolores since Alejo Ramos Padilla moved to federal court 1 in La Plata, seems to have taken the push to bring D’Alessio to trial, who was already convicted last month for extorting the dispatcher Gabriel Traficante. In the last hours, he asked the parties to also comment on the situation of Stornelli, whom the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata confirmed the prosecution for having tried to make a hidden camera to lawyer José Manuel Ubeira and for having tried to put together a “Bed” to her partner’s ex-husband, Jorge Castañón. In December of last year, the Mar del Plata chambermaids greatly alleviated the situation of the federal prosecutor, so much so that they dictated a lack of merit in the case that started the mega-investigation of Dolores: the extortion of businessman Pedro Etchebest. The situation of Stornelli is under study by the Federal Chamber of Cassation.

However, Bava considered that there were no more reasons to wait: Stornelli could be brought to trial for those two events and, in the case of D’Alessio, the same Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata had validated the decision of Ramos Padilla de not have it as regretful. “I believe that this issue should now be resolved in order to comply with the constitutional guarantees that govern the process, especially when people have been processed with preventive detention.Bava wrote. Both D’Alessio and Ricardo Bogoliuk are in custody, while former AFI Rolando “Rolo” Barreiro is under house arrest.

The judge asked the parties to rule on the situation of D’Alessio, Bogoliuk, and Stornelli. He also added Pablo Bloise, Patricio González Carthy de Gorriti and Aldo Sánchez, all linked to the WhatsApp group Buenos Aires who made money transfers abroad, and to the prefect Franco Pini, prosecuted for reviewing the migratory movements of, among others, Carlos Rosenkrantz and his ex-partner Gabriel Bouzat.

Bava’s resolution came out on Monday. This Tuesday, prosecutor Juan Pablo Curi le demanded that the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata resolve a previous claim of his so that part of the case could be brought to trial without further delay, beyond Bava having expressed his intention that the investigation that began in 2019. Last year, Ramos Padilla had started the process and had asked the parties for their opinion. The prosecutor had validated the investigation and asked that all operations be brought to trial except those that were still being analyzed by the Chamber. Before that request, Ramos Padilla decided to defer the resolution because he did not want to send to an oral court a “Illicit association decimated”. On that occasion, Curi had asked to send D’Alessio, Bogoliuk, former commissioner Aníbal Degastaldi, “Rolo” Barreiro, Bidone and three other defendants to trial.

While waiting for the answers to the complaints and the prosecution, Bava arranged to make a round of testimonial statements claimed by Stornelli and that will begin next October 28 with the testimony of the manager of the CR de Pinamar spa, where the meeting with Etchebest took place, which led to the extortion complaint filed by the businessman. Stornelli requested nine other statements, including that of his wife and that he testify the Governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, to whom Bava will send a list of questions. In addition, he had asked two once strong men from the services to witness, Antonio Horacio “Jaime” Stiuso and Fernando Pocino, along with the federal prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, who supported him in the investigation of the notebooks. Bava replied that these last requests were inadmissible.

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