"I suffered sexual abuse": Sofía Cristo's confession makes Carlos Sobera react live with a strong message

Sofa Cristo starred in the gala Secret Story of this Tuesday, when he shared with the audience some secrets of his life that even his mother did not know. The dj confessed to having been sexually abused as a child.

“One day a person, I can not say who nor can I ever say, sorry mom. At the age of five I suffer sexual abuse from that person. But I did not understand what that was until I got involved. Three friends of mine know it and I know it. therapist. I was not aware that this could affect me until I have been older and have seen how I related to people. I have never told my mother or my brother because he is a person very close to us. Never I wanted to tell it, “he confessed.

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Barbara Rey collapsed on the set. “My girl, my girl, my girl,” she said through tears while Carlos Sobera tried to console her. “I’m very sorry, I shouldn’t have said it. But I needed to say it. Mom, I’m sorry. I’m fine now but it’s normal for this to stir me up. I swear I’m the happiest person in the world right now,” Sofa told her mother. after a brief conversation between them. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it. Why didn’t you tell me anything? I love you, I love you, forgive me,” replied Barbara.

Carlos Sobera reacts to Sophia Cristo’s confession

“What you are doing is absolutely wonderful because there are people who suffer sexual abuse and do not say it. What you are doing is setting an example. Far from regretting it, feel very proud of what you are doing because in this country people like you are needed, with two balls well placed, “said Carlos Sobera when listening to Sofa.

“I would like to say something that comes out of me. What you are telling is very serious, very serious. It is one of those things that you have to try to report because it can destroy your life. This was not prepared, it was not a secret with which You have to play, “Sobera continued.

“In case anyone is tempted to think that we are doing market or on purpose, I have to tell you with my heart in my hand that this is something that I personally, not as a presenter but as a person, thank Sofia. I think what she does “It does good to so many people who suffer this type of abuse that we have to learn this lesson in life once and for all. Just for that, thank you,” he said.

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