Chef der Kommunistischen Partei Russlands: Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich schlimmer als in Afrika

15 Sep. 2021 20:31

Gennady Zyuganov, the long-time leader of the Russian Communist Party, said in an interview with RT that his party wanted to take action against the enormous wealth gap. The gap between rich and poor is worse in Russia than in any African country.

Zyuganov said in conversation with RT, The Communist Party of Russia (KPRF) wants to distribute aid money to all citizens who can barely make ends meet. The subsistence level is to be increased to at least 25,000 rubles (just under 300 euros). The country has enough resources to make a corresponding decision “tomorrow”.

In addition, Zyuganov criticized the immensely high capital withdrawal from Russia. This must be stopped, he emphasized. The oligarchy took everything abroad. According to him, there could be a lot more wealthy people if everyone paid their taxes properly.

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It is also important for his party to promote production. They want to support all branches of small and medium-sized enterprises. This funding is currently extremely weak and is around four percent. Zyuganov cited Germany as an example, where this figure is around 30 percent.

The 77-year-old also complained that the gap between rich and poor in Russia is enormous and worse than in any African country. He recalled that social inequality in the Soviet Union was not that great. At that time, ten percent of the highest income earners would have earned around four times more than ten percent of the lowest income. Today this value is fourteen percent. This must be changed quickly.

The KPRF was founded in 1993. In elections, it traditionally ranks second behind the ruling United Russia party. In addition to the Duma elections, the party has its own candidate for the presidential election. The best result was achieved in 1996 by Gennady Zyuganov, when he reached the second ballot, in which he finally lost to Boris Yeltsin.

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