Haydee Oberreuter: "We never left the protected democracy that Jaime Guzmán gave us"

In conversation with the first edition of Radioanalysis, the activist and victim of human rights violations during the civil-military dictatorship, Haydee Oberreuter, referred to the controversy regarding the lifting of the 50-year-old secret that weighs on the antecedents presented in the Valech Commission that was put on the agenda during the discussion that took place within the Constitutional Convention.

When consulted by the director of Radio Universidad de Chile, Patricio López, regarding this issue, the social leader stated that “we speak for us with a fluency of body as if it were the equivalent of not having survived and that we are people who require other people to express what happens to us, we feel or what is our good ”.

Along these lines, he adds that “it is disrespectful to say the least and this has its origin in the way they have seen us historically. Fifteen years have passed since the secret that has become known as the Valech Secret was imposed on us. In those fifteen years, not a single day has passed that we have not gone to all the Courts, to all the national and international spaces to ask for that secret to be lowered. We have written bills, we have done all the possible steps and, nevertheless, What happens when the Convention takes over our historic demand is that the spaces are opened again for the spokesmen of the initiative of 50 years of silence, which are nothing other than 50 years of impunity“.

“We never signed a paper, Ricardo Lagos not only lies, but blatantly lies, we do not know but we can deduce how this silence imposed on the survivors is connected with the pacts of silence that the post-dictatorship had already brought, it is like a nexus that exists throughout history and memory, ”added Oberreuter.

Regarding the arguments that have been put forward against the possibility of lifting the secrecy, such as the protection of the victims, Haydee Oberreuter maintained that “for our sake, we have never, officially or unofficially, asked for such a thing, unless that request had occurred in a kitchen, or in a place that was very difficult to ascertain for those who never had access to the Palacio de La Moneda to talk with said President ”.

For the same reason, the director of the Corporation of Relatives of Deceased Political Prisoners of Chile, stressed that “Ricardo Lagos never received the survivors of political prison and torture and we had proposals to make and we repeatedly asked him to receive us. There is no reason to suppose that secrecy is necessary for our sake and if it were, then there should be the document in which the person who gives testimony says: ‘for my own good, for my stability I prefer to give this testimony but not It is known to the courts or any public file ‘”.

The social leader clarified that “Nor have we ever asked for our testimonials to be posted on newsstands. What we have asked for is simply truth and justice, that the Courts have access to that information, that they do not have time and again to attend to testify, we are not reporting the crash of a car, we are reporting what was the brutal transgression to which we were subjected and therefore it is essential that we do with all the possible safeguards ”.

Regarding the role that the former president of the Concertación has played in this matter, Haydee Oberreuter said that “they have never had the moral integrity to say specifically what they agreed and what not for that necessary transition towards democracy and that in the end the only confirmation that we have is that the way has been cleared to continue managing the model ”.

In that sense, he stressed that “We never left the protected democracy that Guzmán gave us, we never left the 1980 constitution that established the system that we are now seeing its structure fall apart by bitsSimply that far from letting the forces of history flow here what has happened is a confinement of those energies, in order to achieve a purpose that, evidently, was not the purpose for which those of us who resist the dictatorship fought ”.

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