"First Dates" (Vox): THEREFORE Roland Trettl is suddenly speechless - "Do you get scared somehow"

“First Dates” (Vox): THEREFORE Roland Trettl is suddenly speechless – “Do you get scared somehow”

Roland Trettl helps singles to get to know each other on “first dates”.

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There is hot flirting again on “First Dates”. Before the singles get to know each other, the candidates first go to the reception with TV chef Roland Trettl.

When candidate Kalle enters the restaurant, the otherwise open-minded Trettl suddenly becomes very calm. The 65-year-old from Hamburg is a real heavyweight and now wants to find happiness on “First Dates”. At Trettl, however, Kalle creates more fear than happiness.

“First Dates”: Roland Trettl – candidate causes a stir in Vox show

“Do you get scared somehow,” says Trettl when Kalle stands in front of him. He gives the all-clear and makes it clear: “No problem, I won’t do anything to you.”


This is “First Dates”:

  • “First Dates – A table for two” is a dome show from Cologne
  • The program has been broadcast on Vox since March 5, 2018
  • The host is the TV chef Roland Trettl
  • Candidates get to know each other on a blind date in a restaurant setting
  • First they have a drink at the bar, then they are shown to their table, where they choose a dish and eat together
  • At the end of each episode, the participants decide whether they are interested in a second date


Roland Trettl does not seem to reassure him, he replies: “That scares me even more”. In the interview, Kalle then says: “If nobody comes to me stupid, I’m nice.”

“First Dates” (Vox): Candidate scares TV chef Roland Trettl

In fact, at second glance, Kalle appears gentler than the first impression suggests. The 65-year-old is professionally active as an actor. He’s been married before, a fact Trettl can’t really believe at first.

“I thought you were such a living person who wouldn’t let yourself be caught.” “Yes, since I’ve been free,” counters Kalle.

“First Dates”: Kanidat Kalle has precise ideas about her future partner

Kalle has very precise ideas about his partner. He says: “A partner should be able to take a lot,” then he adds: “100 percent trust, 100 percent loyalty and 100 percent honesty if one of them doesn’t work. Then bye goodbye. “


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Will candidate Silke suit him?

The first impression should at least be right: “At first I thought ‘Wow’,” enthuses Silke.

“First Dates”: Candidates share something in common

And the similarities between the two initially seem to polarize. After all, both are fans of motorcycling and Silke can quickly score points with her specialist knowledge. No wonder, the 54-year-old has her own machine.

It remains to be seen whether the two of them will really work. With what they have in common, the signs point to love at least once in a while.

“First Dates” (Vox): Roland Trettl gets in close contact with the candidate – “Carry on”

You can find out here why Roland Trettl suddenly became very intimate with a candidate. (sj)

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