Drohnenangriff in Afghanistan: US-Außenminister Blinken weiß nicht, ob Opfer wirklich Terrorist war

15 Sep. 2021 13:00

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tried to dodge questions about a deadly US drone attack during the evacuation in Afghanistan during a Senate hearing. An employee of an NGO in Kabul was killed in the attack. US Senator Rand Paul pointed out that the target should have been known before such a fatal attack. Blinken admitted that he did not know whether the victim was an ISIS member or not.

Kentucky United States Senator Rand Paul is known for his firm belief in upholding the United States Constitution and, more recently, for being Dr. Anthony has repeatedly called Fauci a liar regarding his knowledge of US funding for gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.

Media report: USA killed NGO workers instead of terrorists in vehicle attack in Kabul

Fauci is the senior COVID advisor to US President Joe Biden. Recent documents published by The Intercept are known to show that Fauci actually lied to Congress about its knowledge of funding.

At a hearing in the US Senate on Tuesday, Senator Paul had the opportunity to ask US Secretary of State Antony Blinken very uncomfortable questions about the catastrophic US withdrawal from Afghanistan, including the recent US drone attack in the country in which ten Afghan civilians were killed, including seven children.

In particular, Paul of the Republican Party wanted to know if the Biden government even knew who it had targeted and actually killed in the attack after media reports had hit a humanitarian worker – and not an ISIS-K terrorist, like the US government had claimed by then.

Paul: “Was he a humanitarian worker or an ISIS-K agent?”

Flashing: “I don’t know.”

Paul: “You’d think you should know something like this before killing someone with a Predator drone.”

Blinken then added that the attack was still being investigated.

Paul’s harsh criticism came after the New York Times reported that their investigation into the incident revealed that the drone attack killed a humanitarian worker and the children who came to greet him – and not an ISIS-K terrorist and his car bomb, as the Pentagon had claimed. The newspaper also found that, contrary to claims by the US government, there was no evidence of alleged “secondary explosions” suggesting that the car hit was in fact tampered with explosives.

The local employee, Zemari Ahmadi from the US NGO Nutrition & Education International, only had containers of water in his car. The US military, however, described the attack as “fair”. United Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Forces, US General Mark A. Milley, said the strike had eradicated an “immediate” threat from ISIS-K.

However, local Afghans living in the Kabul neighborhood where the attack took place painted an entirely different picture. They told Western journalists that the attack victimized one of the families who applied to be relocated to the United States because they feared the Taliban would punish them for their previous work for the US-based aid organization. Like the US news site Daily Beast reported, an Afghan survivor who lost his family in the attack said:

“I have no hope anymore. All of my family members were killed yesterday. I have no one to cry over. I have lost my niece, nephews, cousins, my own family members. I want justice.”

Tucker Carlson disgusted by the US establishment: "We are led by idiots"Tucker Carlson disgusted by the US establishment: "We are led by idiots"

Despite reports listing the victims by name and age, the US military has still not confirmed whether civilians were killed in the attack. It is alleged that the investigation is still ongoing and the Pentagon is still defending the drone attack.

Senator Paul has also been a frequent critic of the Obama administration’s use of drone attacks in the past, and he even objected to the then-government-nominated CIA director John Brennan, which lasted for several hours. During his in-depth questioning of Secretary of State Blinken, Paul found that this type of behavior had been the norm in Washington for years:

“The Obama administration killed hundreds and hundreds of people, and the thing is, that has an aftermath.”

The senator added that he saw photos of children who were also killed in the attack and said:

“I mean, I don’t know if it’s true, but I see these photos of these wonderful children who died in the attack. If that’s true, and not propaganda, if it’s true, then what do you think? It could be.” Hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists may have emerged because the wrong people have been bombed. We cannot investigate after killing people. We have to investigate before we kill people. “

Paul also pointed out that he had campaigned for an end to the war in Afghanistan for a decade. But he could never have imagined the “colossal incompetence” that he now experienced in the execution of the US withdrawal by the Biden administration. He described the evacuation of the US Air Force Base Bagram more than a month before the withdrawal was completed as “one of the worst military decisions in our history”.

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