Doctors Name Aging Facial Sleep Errors

Experts have named the main mistakes during sleep that lead to aging of the facial skin. The relevant material is published by The Sun.

According to the publication, many people do not consider it necessary to wash the pillows, while they can contain more than 350 thousand different bacteria, as well as dead skin cells. Therefore, it is noted that this bedding must either be washed frequently or updated. In addition, it is recommended that you wash your pillowcase regularly to prevent breakouts on your face.

Mel Gravel-Barnes, a spokeswoman for the dermatological company Croma-Pharma, advised buying a silk pillowcase instead of the standard cotton one, since silk does not wrinkle or dehydrate the skin. “Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your skin. Consider using a silk pillowcase and make sure you remember to use moisturizers as part of your daily routine, ”said the specialist.

The experts also noted the importance of sleep quality. “During sleep, cells regenerate, resulting in healthy and radiant skin. If you don’t get enough sleep, the body cannot renew itself properly. This can slow down collagen production, making your skin appear thinner and less elastic, and lead to dark circles under the eyes, ”explained Martin Kinsella, cosmetologist at Re-Enhance Clinic.

Experts have found that sleeping on your side can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on the side of the face that is used to this position. The director of the Cosmex clinic, Lou Sommereux, recommended sleeping on your back, since the absence of rubbing your face against the pillow can prevent the skin from wrinkling.

The expert also warned about the dangerous consequences of the regular use of the night cream. According to Sommere, the product can clog pores and worsen complexion. Instead, she advised taking a few minutes to massage your face during the day and rubbing in a moisturizing oil or cream in a circular motion. The specialist assured that this will help speed up blood circulation and keep the skin in perfect condition.

In January, Australian sleep therapist Olivia Arezzolo unveiled a simple way to achieve proper sleep. According to her, the use of omega-3s contributes to the fact that a person sleeps an hour longer and gets enough sleep – this has been confirmed by clinical trials. The expert also advised practicing deep belly breathing and meditation, drinking chamomile tea and taking magnesium.

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