Disputes between PRO and UCR after the victory

Nothing seems yet to be won for Together for Change, not even within the internal disputes that space entails and that continue after the STEP. The victory they won in a good part of the country last Sunday did not stop the discussions that have been going on in the opposition alliance since the end of the government of Mauricio Macri. Radicals, in particular, are aimed at raising a level playing field in driving. It is the line that Martín Lousteau has been proposing and to sustain it, he takes into account the results of his candidates in Santa Fe, and that of Facundo Manes, who contributed more than one million votes to the Buenos Aires success. The neuroscientist himself took care to remember that and is already negotiating better places on the definitive list. For this, you must pass 40 percent in the final scrutiny of the STEP.

The Manes and Santilli teams have been in dialogue since Sunday. They will have meetings these days to begin to raise the joint campaign between now and November. Manes has already secured third place on the ballot, but where will your candidates go It depends, above all, on whether in the final count your votes represent more than 40 percent of those obtained by Juntos (it is a few hundredths away in the provisional: 39.81). It happens that the candidates signed a regulation according to which, when passing that limit, the places to which they can aspire on the list change considerably.

As it is now, with the numbers of the provisional ballot, the radical Danya Tavela is sixth, the former head of Deputies Emilio Monzó enters ninth and Margarita Stolbizer remains in a distant 12th place on the ballot. On the other hand, if Manes’s ballot passes 40 percent, Tavela rises to fourth place; Monzó, to the seventh, and Stolbizer, to the eighth. All this, according to the agreement they signed. In the surroundings of Manes they aim to spend that 40 percent and they even think of asking to open the polls and recount the votes. Instead, near Santilli they trust to widen the difference and that Manes does not reach 40 percent, but moves away.

This is one of the thorny topics that will continue to talk. Since the Manes campaign, his brother Gastón has been negotiating; the head of the Buenos Aires UCR, Maximiliano Abad, and the former president of the FUA Manuel Terrádez. On the side of Santilli, there are his campaign manager, Néstor Grindetti, the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, and the head of the PRO block in Deputies, Cristian Ritondo. It will not be an easy negotiation, especially if Manes is even closer to the limit of 40 (today, with the provisional, is 0.19 percent away).

Manes came out the day after the election to play hard. He said that without him Santilli did not win and that from now on things will be different in the coalition. That there will be equal conditions for the different parties. The neuroscientist still has between eyebrows the campaign against that, he assures, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta armed him

In the Santilli environment, on the other hand, they discard this idea that Manes raises that without their votes it was not won. They warn that the percentage added by the two lists is quite similar to that obtained by Juntos por el Cambio in the two previous elections (2019 and 2017), so it would be the same votes, divided between two candidates. “The failure was of the Government. We were able to take advantage of it in a good primary,” they analyze. However, Santilli does not see bad that Manes tries to “raise the price”, as long as he remembers who won the internship and who lost it.

And they will seek to stop internal bids from appearing in the media. In fact, Santilli He said while touring Ituzaingó that “with Facundo we are going to go together to walk every corner of the province. We are committed to working together, we bet on unity in diversity. We both made a good choice, each one contributed their own to the space. We are both in Together. The society voted Together, with their different views. “

The place of the partners

In any case, Manes is not the only radical who seeks to change the way in which the leadership of Together for Change is conducted and for the UCR to become an equal partner. Senator Martín Lousteau has been in the same line of argument for a long time. And think that now there is data from the STEP to back it up. It not only states that it is the million 200 thousand votes that Manes received, but another of his candidates in Santa Fe, Maxi Pullaro, finished second in the internal with 182 thousand votes (the winner, Carolina Losada, got 200 thousand) and was one point away from succeeding. With that result, Victoria Tejada, from Evolution, would go as second deputy.

And they also raise the success of Rodrigo De Loredo’s list, which Lousteau supported in Córdoba. “We beat Negri, Macri, Morales and Carrió together by 200 thousand votes”, they get excited in the senator’s environment. On Negri, in addition, they read that the result should lead him to leave the leadership of the interblock in Deputies. Lousteau imagines a renewal of the UCR, as well as new conditions for the discussion with the PRO.

“Lousteau toured thirteen provinces banking the candidates and we are already preparing several trips for the general campaign,” they warned around the senator. “What we believe is that a submissive and minority UCR was left behind, with one that sits on an equal footing with the PRO to work in a stronger and broader coalition to govern in 2023 “, they indicate. It is clear that any right that Larreta believes that the victory of his candidates in AMBA gave him will be discussed by his radical partners between now and 2023. The internal elections are not over. They are just beginning.

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