Carlos Germano: "today the president is in a situation of great political weakness"

The political analyst Carlos Germano He said that these resignations left the president in a very delicate situation.

“What was seen came to the surface: the lack of leadership of the president in the governing coalition. This, which was born from the vice president telling him that you are the candidate, worked in the electoral field, but it could never materialize politically,” he said.

Germano did not endorse the analysis made by the majority of the opposition leaders: that the vice president is trying to put the president aside to keep that position. For Germano it is not like that. “I believe that Cristina does not seek to displace the president to take his place, but it is clear that she is going to assert her leadership, and she had already spoken about the officials who do not work.”

There are two factors that led Cristina to make this political move. One has to do with the loss of confidence in the Minister of Economy, a ministry through which one of the most important decisions passes, the agreement with the IMF. “The vice president, who is the leader and has her own votes, needs someone she can trust in that negotiation,” he said. The other factor has to do with the Kirchners’ family interests. “Within the Judicial Power Cristina has a very delicate situation and what happened on Sunday, the judges took note,” he said.

Germano also argued that this instance was reached because the president never finished putting together the necessary alliances and left promises to comply with governors, unions and mayors of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

After the punishment at the polls, they waited for some gestures from the president and did not agree. “I believe that Kirchnerism said” let’s send signals “, the president believed that he was enough with his speech and say that he was going to lead the campaign.

For the political analyst, the possible outcomes of this situation are difficult. The big question is whether the president has enough back to ratify his ministers and appoint new ones, making the necessary agreements, including the governors.

For now, there is only great uncertainty.

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