The presidential candidate of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric referred to the controversy surrounding Carozzi, a private company that ended its sponsorship on the television channel La Red for broadcasting the documentary “La Batalla de Chile”.

In the program True Lies broadcast by this same television channel, Boric described this decision as “absurd” and said that “Carozzi is going to get this move.”

“It seems to me that this is one of the problems we have in Chile. There is still a capacity of a certain business sector (…) not to go through democratic controls to try to impose their point of view that they believe is correct, but through they try to impose money on the rest of society, and that is very wrong, “said Boric.

“If one enters to reflect more deeply what they understand by politician, because they say ‘we do not finance political programs’, but they have no problems sponsoring mornings where politics is discussed. They had no problems sponsoring a documentary where they tried to whitewash the image of the dictatorship in the mid-70s. Now that they broadcast La Batalla de Chile, they generate this and make it pass as a kind of independence of respect for those who are watching TV, that is absolutely absurd (…) Carozzi is going to get ‘carozzi’ this play“added the aspiring to La Moneda.

Along these lines, the candidate detailed some of his proposals regarding the media: “What we propose in our program is to create a media ecosystem where diversity is encouraged (…) and that means diversifying state advertising which is particularly concentrated. “

It also proposes “financing community initiatives that do not require all the infrastructure that the large canals have.”

On the other hand, he maintained that “I do not believe that a way of thinking should be imposed on people. Hopefully there will be a maturation on the part of this sector that is rather slow to look at the history of Chile, and that is represented by the candidate Sichel “.

Regarding what to do with TVN, the state channel, he said that “it has the problem that many of the state companies have. Not only did they privatize our health, education, pensions, but neoliberalism in Chile privatized the concept itself State. We believe that we must create an ecosystem of public media that is not a pamphlet. “

“TVN should have criteria that are not based primarily on ratings and consumers, but rather on diversity and pluralism,” Boric closed.

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