Unique election management body, Assises nationale de la refondation: The framework for exchanging parties that are still not starting

The transitional authorities seem to be skeptical about the holding of the elections on the due date. According to Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maïga, no detailed timetable for the holding of the elections before the National Refoundation Conference (ARN).

To say today that the details of the chronogram will be provided by the future meetings is a clearly displayed dishonesty to take Mali hostage to go towards an extension of the transition which does not speak its name.

In his perilous ambition, Choguel who finds himself alone against the overwhelming majority of the political class on the holding of national meetings, the timetable for the elections and the establishment of the single organ for the management of the elections.

Double talk

However, he had already announced a timetable during his visit to the National Council of the Transition (CNT), affirming that he confirms the dates announced by his predecessor. This double talk could give reason to certain politicians who insinuated, the meeting as a means to extend the transition. This new posture adopted by the PM risks creating a veritable cacophony at the national as well as the international level.

The population will be divided and each camp will take the boulevard road to provide support or show its discontent. The international community for its part would try to toughen sanctions on Mali. If the political class, the civil society, the unions do not manage to understand each other in the end, the colonels risk to assume for a third time by carrying out a coup d’etat or an institutional coup. This will lead them this time to dissolve the constitution as well as all the other institutions, except the CNT and the Supreme Court. They will keep the Supreme Court to judge all politicians and businessmen who are cited in cases of embezzlement, not to mention the case of killings and destruction of public buildings.

It would be an opportunity to write a new constitution and finally organize elections by bodies of their choice. This transition could take a long time, against all expectations.

It is important that the political class and civil society pull themselves together to avoid chaos because no one has the full support and monopoly of the military. Whenever politicians fail to understand each other on simple issues, the army takes the opportunity to intervene by using the force of its arms to neutralize them and confiscate power.

If this transition is to be extended, it must be done on a consensual basis in the supreme interest of Mali. No politician should try to exclude another, otherwise the army would risk excluding all politicians.

In any case, before the emissaries of ECOWAS, the political class has reached an almost unanimous position in favor of respecting the deadline for the transition and the organization of the elections on a set date and rejects the establishment of the single body of management of the elections and the national foundations of the refoundation which remain the only compass of the hot PM Choguel specialist in double talk.

Abdoul Aziz Diallo



The politicians oppose an end of inadmissibility to the will of Choguel

The parties and groupings of political parties for a successful transition in Mali such as EPM, Esperance Nouvelle-Jigiya Koura, ARP, non-aligned parties, ADEMA-PASJ, ASMA, UM-RDA, YELEMA and others RDS have, in a joint declaration, denounced the perilous ambitions of the Prime Minister of the Transition. They have in unison decided to boycott the future national meeting of the refoundation. Read the entire statement instead!

We, Parties and Regroupings of Political Parties for a Successful Transition in Mali:

We, Parties and Regroupings of Political Parties for a Successful Transition in Mali:

1- reaffirm that the “National Assizes of the Refoundation” are no longer appropriate for the remaining time of the Transition of 18 months;

2- let us decide on our non-participation both in the preparation and in the organization of the “Assises Nationales de la Refondation”, if despite everything the government decides to maintain them under the conditions announced by the Prime Minister during the presentation of the Plan Government Actions (PAG) before the National Transitional Council (CNT);

3- reject the Single Body for Election Management (OUGE) recommended by the Government instead of the Single Independent Body for Election Management (OUIGE) recommended by the Inclusive National Dialogue for its irrelevance over time remainder of the transition and ask to stick to the conclusions of the workshop to review the electoral law organized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, on June 29 and 30, 2021;

4- declare the Head of Government, Dr Choguel Kokalla MAIGA, solely responsible for any possible slippage relating to respect for the duration of the Transition.

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What it takes to meet the challenge of mobilization

The National Assises on the Refoundation of the State are scheduled between the end of September and the beginning of October. In order for them to be inclusive, the PM tries to convince the political class to take part. But, some parties have decided via press releases not to participate in these meetings. Press releases from other parties are expected to declare their non-participation in the assizes. The way things are evolving, the DNI, could mark more presences of political parties than the national meetings on the refoundation which are emerging.

The PM tried in vain to convince, it is now time for the president of the transition to take matters into his own hands to seek to obtain inclusiveness. The Head of State must approach the political class to understand what bothers them in the context of the holding of the assizes.

Probably for the political class, the fact that the conclusions of the ANR will be binding on the current government as well as on future power can be an obstacle. At this level, the President of the transition could ask his PM to make a concession by agreeing to withdraw this tax. This can push political parties to take part in the assizes.

Some politicians also see the organization of these meetings as a means of extending the transition, so their presence in the room could give legitimacy to the decisions that will be taken. To create a climate of confidence, the president of the transition should instruct the PM to give the detailed chronogram of the elections before the meeting.

By agreeing to make these concessions, the national meetings will be inclusive because the parties have no interest in remaining on the sidelines, but as long as the vagueness reigns, it would be difficult to obtain the inclusiveness that the transition president and his president dream of. PM. With this pace, the eventual conclusions of these meetings will be far from being sovereign, which will hardly make their execution compulsory.

To avoid investing a sum of 2 billion FCFA in a foundation whose conclusions will be contested and put into oblivion, it is preferable that the president of the transition seeks to meet the political class by giving them guarantees on certain points. The president is strongly challenged to help his PM who, despite all attempts, could not have the full support of the political class. The Colonel President of the Transition must quickly get involved because the date of the Assizes is fast approaching.

Abdoul Aziz Diallo

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