Armin Laschet: ARD viewers annoyed by his NRW boasting - "Must be the purest paradise"

Armin Laschet: ARD viewers annoyed by his NRW boasting – “Must be the purest paradise”

September 15, 2021 at 11:08 pm

The upcoming chancellor? The career of Armin Laschet

The upcoming chancellor? The career of Armin Laschet

With his election as CDU party leader, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet has become one of the most promising candidates for the Chancellery.

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Armin Laschet had a last solo appearance on Wednesday evening at prime time before the federal election. The Union’s candidate for chancellor was allowed to join Annalena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz in the ARD-Wahlarena present.

That fell ARD-Viewers especially a scam of Armin Laschet that annoyed not a few: his NRW– Boasting! Even two questioners in the ARD-Studio became too much at some point!

Armin Laschet gets on the nerves of ARD viewers with NRW boasting: “Must be the purest paradise”

Armin Laschet tried to score points on the show with his government experience. Since 2017 he has been Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, from 2005 to 2010 the State Minister was under Prime Minister Jürgen Rüttgers. Laschet played the NRW card noticeably often, similar to how Markus Söder likes to speak of his Free State of Bavaria.


TV highlights up to the federal election:

  • 16.9 .: ZDF-Klartext with Annalena Baerbock
  • 19.9 .: Triell on Sat.1 and ProSieben
  • 23.9 .: Round of leading candidates on ARD and ZDF


ARD election arena: Viewers can no longer hear NRW examples by Armin Laschet

Some ARD viewers could not do anything with the constant references to their state. This is how some reacted on the net:

  • “I would like to know from Mr. Laschet why he absolutely wants to become Federal Chancellor when he is the greatest Prime Minister of all time in North Rhine-Westphalia.”
  • “I live in North Rhine-Westphalia and am amazed at what the Laschet has achieved here (* wants to have achieved).”
  • “He wants to shine with success and experience, but does the rest of the republic want to hear these stories about the Rhine and Ruhr all the time?”
  • “I only ever heard from us in North Rhine-Westphalia and me.”
  • “NRW has to be the purest paradise.”
  • “Drinking a shot every time you mention NRW makes you drunk!”
  • “For every question there is an example from NRW. Take a look at everything that has been going on in North Rhine-Westphalia and think about whether you want it all over Germany. “

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+++ Armin Laschet in the ARD election arena: man from the Ruhr area falls on the nose with a contentious question +++

Oliver Kalkofe also settles accounts with Armin Laschet after the ARD evening

TV satirist Oliver Kalkofe also noticed Armin Laschet’s NRW boast. He learned from the ARD election arena: “NRW is great, if Armin Laschet is elected, all of Germany will be so beautiful.”

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Social worker on Armin Laschet: “If you become Chancellor, then it’s not about NRW”

But there were not only negative reactions in front of the screens, but even in the studio it was enough for two women with the NRW examples by Armin Laschet.

For example, a social worker who works in a women’s shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia wanted to know when there would finally be a nationwide legal right to a place in a women’s shelter so that people in need no longer have to be turned away and funding is secured.

It immediately occurred to Armin Laschet to refer to his post as Minister for Women “in the beautiful state of North Rhine-Westphalia”. Incidentally, this has the densest women’s refuge infrastructure of all German federal states, he also mentioned.


More current news about Armin Laschet:


The social worker was annoyed: “If you become Chancellor, then it’s not about NRW. NRW is quite well developed, I agree with you! ”She wanted to know what Mr. Laschet is planning at the federal level to make the patchwork disappear.

Armin Laschet didn’t give her a specific answer, but he thanked her for confirming “that the network in North Rhine-Westphalia is good”.

++ Armin Laschet on ZDF: viewers annoyed because he keeps doing THAT – “What’s going on, Armin?” ++

Climate activist plums to Laschet: “You have praised yourself and NRW in principle, but your climate policy is a catastrophe”

Later, a young climate activist from Hamburg broke the collar. “I’m very upset,” the 15-year-old student made clear. “In principle you have praised yourself and North Rhine-Westphalia, but your climate policy has actually been a disaster in recent years. It was marked by blatantly wrong decisions and scandals, ”she claimed.

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++ Armin Laschet can be celebrated with chants after Triell – “These are no more faux pas for a long time” ++

Laschet has slowed the expansion of renewable energies in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example through the new distance regulation for wind turbines. In addition, he had illegally cleared the Hambach Forest and had the Datteln IV coal-fired power plant connected to the grid in 2020. In short: he failed to protect the climate in his state, according to the “Fridays for Future” activist.

++ Armin Laschet on ZDF: woman in the studio is tearing patience – now also accusation of lies! ++

Laschet replied that his government had saved the Hambach Forest. It was the red-green previous government that approved lignite mining until 2045.

Either way: For many people, especially outside the West, it was a little too much NRW self-praise from Armin Laschet that evening.

Here you can get your own picture and see the ARD election arena in the media library.

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