ZDF junk show: Even Lichter was amazed: “Bares für Rares” bulky waste find reaches four-digit figures

At “Bares für Rares”, valuable bulky waste finds are always sold. So also in the episode on Tuesday. And this rescue operation paid off in Horst Lichter’s junk show – instead of being thrown away, a picture for expensive money ended up at a dealer.

Whether you like the motif or not was a minor matter with this oil painting. In any case, it was a shame to throw it away. This was shown by the expertise of “Bares for Rares”, because the estimated value almost knocked Horst Lichter.

Kurt Dierkes from Recke was in the right place at the right time: “The picture is not mine at all. I just wanted to save it so that it doesn’t end up in the bulky waste.”

Before that, it belonged to a friend. “He cleared the house of his late father.” The picture was already in the trailer full of bulky waste. “And then I see that between the boards.” Much too good to throw away! He asked his buddy, “Can I have this?” He said: “Take it with you!”

“I have a very difficult time assuming that we will be in the profit zone today,” said Horst Lichter, looking forward to the expertise.

“What is special is the relationship between the basket and the handle,” Colmar Schulte-Goltz referred to a discrepancy. “You can tell that it doesn’t really work out in perspective.”

Valuable bulky waste find at “Bares für Rares” on Tuesday

The signature indicated the painter Sarah Wilhelmina Wenzler. That a woman painted in 1862 is a rarity in itself. “This signature is a signature that takes us on a very long journey.”

The artist was living in New York at the time and taught herself to paint. “And that is remarkable,” said Schulte-Goltz. Women in the 19th century were not allowed to go to college. “A very exciting picture from the other side of the world.”

“Waldi’s 80 euros is a minimum”, but otherwise the seller had no great price expectations. “I don’t want to take it with me anymore.” All the more, the estimate knocked Horst Lichter and Mr. Dierkes away.

“In this condition I give the picture 1,500 to 1,700 euros”, the expert revealed the value. “Old Swede! Now I’m flattened,” Horst Lichter hitched his breath briefly. “It almost got shredded on the trash!”

The picture was very well received in the dealership. For tactical reasons, Julian Schmitz-Avila did not want to show his enthusiasm too much: “A bit naive, but that is also due to the time.”

“Bares für Rares” dealers start with 1000 euros for paintings

“The artists at the time had a very difficult time. They weren’t allowed to study either. They had to be self-taught,” said Wolfgang Pauritsch (right), recognizing the collector’s value of the rarity.

The bulky waste information did not deter the dealers Pauritsch and Schmitz-Avila from high bids. 1,000 euros were quickly exceeded. “You see what you have saved there. A little treasure,” Pauritsch congratulated Mr. Dierkes on his luck.

Julian Schmitz-Avila didn’t give up and got the picture for 1,500 euros. “I wish you continue to have such a watchful eye,” he thanked the seller for his rescue operation.

What was also sold: two card games from the 1950s were worth 20 euros.

Lisa Nüdling laughed at the funny questions the most and bought the games for 40 euros.

The bronze statuette by Meyer-Pyritz from the period between 1900 and 1920 represented a naked soap blower and was estimated at 2,000 to 2,200 euros.

Fabian Kahl (right) won the bid for 1,300 euros.

The platinum ring with diamonds from the 1960s came from New York and was worth between 1,800 and 2,000 euros.

Lisa Nüdling bought the sparkling piece of jewelry for 2,200 euros.

The expert valued the Hensoldt pocket microscope from the period between 1877 and 1945 at 150 euros.

Here, too, Lisa Nüdling was the highest bidder and got the rarity for 160 euros.

This article was written by Bettina Friemel

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