WhatsApp: Why do I appear online even though I have stopped using the application?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world and, although its operation or tricks about it are continually explained, sometimes there are details that users do not know, such as the fact that it can appear online Despite stopping using the app, why does this happen?

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“You were online and you did not answer me” may be the claim that some people have received and not understand why. Perhaps they can believe that their contact was wrong, but neither is it, because in reality they are both right. In reality the confusion is due to functioning from WhatsApp.

In addition to allowing you to send messages or other files, within its processes WhatsApp performs other actions that are not visible to users, such as Backups, encryption and other details.

This type of action can cause people to see that their contact is still online even though they are not connected or have stopped using WhatsApp. The reason is the backup and the saved that the app does even though the user is not using the app.

However, it is necessary to clarify that the online it can be kept for a short time, between 15 or 30 seconds, although it can last a bit longer depending on the speed of the internet.

Although it is not a long time that the online can be visible, there is a way to avoid it if the user is really worried about it and this force stop of the app, which is possible by entering the phone settings, going to applications, choosing WhatsApp and select the force stop, button commonly located next to the uninstall.

This procedure outlined will actually only save users a few seconds, but it can be helpful.

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