What is above and below the table

The minute and result of the fracture of the independence movement is the resignation of half Govern (councilors of Junts) to sit down at the dialogue table with the central government, convened for today in Barcelona.

An unspeakable reason for satisfaction in Moncloa because, thanks to that fracture, the pardons, the pandemic and the failed expansion of the airport, Sánchez has achieved leave the ball on the opponent’s court.

Discouragement, frustration and social satiety are cross-sectional markers of discomfort

If the Prime Minister does not give in his mandatory appeal to legal frameworks as a limit to the aspirations repeated ad nauseam by the president of the Generalitat, a Pere Aragonès He has two ways left: to go back to his old ways, entering the already lived loop of frustration, or to embrace the politics of things (improve the living conditions of the Catalans), waiting for more promising times for the cause, such as suggests the ‘meanwhile’ theorized by Oriol Junqueras (ERC).

He sits in the Council of Ministers who tells me that, saving the distance, the symptoms bring us closer and closer to a ‘enough is enough!’ of Catalan society similar to ‘Enough already!’ that cured the social pathology of Basque Country in the second half of the last century.

Discouragement, frustration, and social exhaustion are cross-sectional markers of discomfort, well visible on both sides of the barricade. Rhetoric and patience run out. You cannot be forever burning photos of the King and urinating upward for the sake of self-determination and amnesty.

The signer of the column begins to believe that the doctrine of ‘reunion’, again nailed by Sánchez last Monday on TVE, airs the contradictions of secessionism, reinforces the Government’s position and, in the medium term, fuels the possibility that the Island PSC (Catalan socialists) become the arbiter of Catalan politics.

Sanchez is preceded by events and Aragonese is preceded by tribulations. The substance of the matter will be hidden under the table behind the photo of those opening acts

Sánchez is preceded by the events and Aragonès is preceded by tribulations, although the substance of the matter will remain under the dialogue table, with those opening acts ready for photographic primacy in the media.

The meeting arrives in the worst moment for the President of the Generalitat, after the stormy disunity in the Diada of the traitors and the same staging of the meeting this afternoon. The central vector of the analysis is that Sánchez’s policy puts the independence movement on the ropes, now disoriented from having become a fratricide after running out of yellow ties and without a common enemy.

Aragonès: “Who represents Catalonia is its Government”

Nor the independentists They already believe that the political future of Catalonia is aired at the table. The so-called Catalan conflict will be the understood part of the event, the mediate interest of the meeting that should not be stirred, beyond the interest of Aragonès to convince his people that he has not changed sides.

Sánchez’s policy corners the disoriented independence movement, which has become fratricidal and no longer has a common enemy or yellow ties

The immediate interest, on the other hand, the pressing thing, about what does not admit procrastination (oops, sorry), will not go much further than testing ERC’s support for PGEs by 2022 in exchange for reinforcing Aragonès’ positions vis-à-vis its partners in Together and the CUP.

This will be the object of a careful and coordinated wording of the final communiqué of the meeting, expressly alluding to the fact that the dialogue between the Government of the reunion and the gradualist half of the Government is progressing adequately.

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