What if I got up earlier?

Why we can’t do it

The experience of waking up to dawn can leave you feeling cottony all day long, with repeated yawns and the feeling that even the smallest task at hand takes insurmountable effort. Not to mention the days when you go back to sleep, where you hang out for breakfast, without succeeding in devoting those precious minutes to your stretching or meditation session. These unsuccessful attempts are a source of guilt and abandonment, when we have all felt at least once that “the future belongs to those who rise early”.

Listening to the silence and indulging in a rejuvenating activity early in the morning helps to approach the day with more energy and serenity. But turn the test into a habit, as advocated by Hal Elrod, author of Miracle Morning (First editions), is not necessarily beneficial for “owls” which, unlike “larks”, are genetically programmed to be evening – they have an evening chronotype – according to Éric Charles, psychiatrist and author ofEach person at his own pace (First editions).

How to get started

Start by determining your chronotype. “About 50% of people have a neutral chronotype,” observes the psychiatrist. They are no more morning than evening. To find out yours, “take a one-week test,” he advises. Advance your alarm clock by one hour and adapt the bedtime to your sleep needs. One day will be enough to resynchronize you if that does not suit you ”.

Success requires being ready to engage in another rhythm. The day before, take a moment for yourself, calm: visualize the morning of the next day by making positive affirmations. This preparation will accompany the brain in this change, according to Hal Elrod.

The secret to holding on is to never live the miracle morning as an obligation. And to do what you want: read, walk, concoct a smoothie… “Make your waking up more ritual, advises Eric Charles. Note each occupation and its schedule. »And, to avoid relapses in the fall, immediately switch on a strong light, as if you had a date with the sun.

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