Drinking three coffees a day (with or without caffeine) reduces the risk of liver disease

The coffee ritual as soon as you wake up can turn out to be a harmful habit for our body. Taken on an empty stomach it is a real attack on the stomach, but in addition to gastric problems, such as heartburn, reflux and gastritis, its consumption in the morning can also prove counterproductive to the immune level.

Many of us can’t even imagine starting a day without coffee. But, if taken as a first drink in the morning, when you are still on an empty stomach, coffee can be particularly bad for your health.

This is because fasting coffee is a real one stomach attack, as caffeine and the other molecules present in a cup of coffee cause an increase in gastric acid secretion (hydrochloric acid) which normally occurs during digestion. However, since there is no food to digest, this secretion directs its action against the mucous membranes that line the inside of the organ, causing the appearance of symptoms such as heartburn or nausea, up to generating phenomena such as gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis and ulcers. But that is not all.

In addition to the increased acidity that can impair stomach functioning, some studies suggest that drinking coffee right after waking up is even counterproductive. Waking up is in fact the time of day when cortisol, also known as the hormone “stress hormone”, is at its highest levels in the body and that the consumption of caffeine can further increase the secretion of this hormone, with effects that can compromise the immune system e cause health problems, including weight gain.

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Therefore, for our well-being, we should try to say goodbye to the coffee ritual upon awakening, trying to delay its intake for a few hours, when cortisol has had its first peak and is in a phase of physiological decline. And if you really can’t resist the call of the cup, it is better to accompany your morning coffee with a rich breakfast based on whole grains and fibers, to limit the absorption of the exciting substance. According to scholars, caffeine is absorbed on average within 45 minutes of consumption but the absorption peak can be reached after 15 minutes.

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