USA: A 23-year-old Mormon woman married a man who was known to be gay

The marriage is “happy and normal”: 23-year-old Mormon married a man who is known to be gay

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They are currently expecting their first child: Jordan and Nick Applegate are devout Mormons and have been married since 2020. Astonishing about it: Nick says of himself that he is actually homosexual.

They look like a normal, happy couple in photos: Jordan and Nick Applegate, both 23, from Arizona. Nick is a computer scientist, Jordan works for a software company, the two have known each other since school days and were a couple for a while as teenagers. But in 2020 the young man publicly announced something on Facebook that he confessed to Jordan three weeks after they started dating again in adulthood: He is attracted to men and is homosexual. However, he has a conflict that many religious people suffer: His denomination does not advocate homosexual love.

Nick Applegate says in an interview with the Daily Mail that he knew he was gay when he was twelve. “As I grew up, I realized that it was going to have an impact on my life. But I decided to ignore it. In our church, we don’t start relationships until we’re older and don’t believe in sexual encounters before the wedding.” Thus, for years, his internal conflict was a purely theoretical one. But in adulthood he had to decide how to deal with his sexual orientation and religion.

Nick knew early on that he loved men

Nick says, “I made a decision before I was ready to actually date someone that I wanted to stay in my church and follow the rules.” That meant: He would never be able to love and have sex as he actually wanted. “As soon as I realized that I was gay, I knew that I would obey the law of chastity and not have a relationship with a man.” Instead, he wanted to be with a woman and get married – family, and especially fathering, is a very important point in the Mormon community. His childhood friend Jordan appeared to Nick to be the perfect candidate – but she didn’t know about his actual sexual orientation when the two began to meet again more often. “I was very nervous and didn’t know how Jordan would take it,” says the computer scientist. “She was definitely shocked and didn’t expect it, but I wanted to make sure Jordan knew the situation before we got emotionally involved. After I told her everything, I told her to go away and let it all sink in first , alone and not with me. She then discussed everything with her parents and decided she was okay. Above all, she wanted someone who would really make up her mind. “

It was not an easy decision for Jordan

The 23-year-old says that the decision for her husband was not an easy one. “Neither of us knew exactly how this should work. I remember how lost I felt. I tried to find examples of other women in a similar situation, but to no avail. But we knew it was the right thing to do. to marry despite our different sexual orientations. ” She knew that Nick would never find her sexually desirable. Instead, their marriage is a friendship that apparently also includes dutiful sex – because Jordan is currently pregnant. Nick says: “We have a lot in common, we both love music, love to sing, watch TV together, go to the movies or in restaurants. We can talk so well, it’s an intimate and emotional connection.” The two would have “a happy and normal marriage,” he says.

And Jordan claims, “My life has never been better than now that I’m married to Nick. He’s the nicest person and loves me unconditionally. He’s the best partner I could have asked for.” She is very happy, especially now that there is a baby coming up. “Our baby is coming in two months and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the life we ​​both prayed for and chose.”

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