TV column “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live”: Kubicki speaks bluntly about politics – and thus delivers the show’s highlight

Former ARD professionals Linda Zervakis and Matthias Opdenhövel are trying their hand at a completely new live format on ProSieben. She is nervous. He sovereign. The topic is extremely extensive and complex. Fortunately there are politicians like FDP man Kubicki. He just says what he thinks.

Wolfgang Kubicki is sitting in a taxi with a citizen. The “Road2Vote” format brings voters and politicians together in the back of a car. The FDP man wears a blue jacket and white shirt. After a while he gets hungry and eats a currywurst at a Berlin stall. “So, now I’m going over to the Adlon to use the men’s room.”

Was that now authentic? Kubicki says he likes this direct confrontation with citizens because there are “no prepared answers” spontaneously. For example when he is asked how he finds the candidate for chancellor. Kubicki replies: “The staff gives the impression that they are not the first choice.”

He also finds government policy during the corona pandemic and in Afghanistan “haphazard”. It is particularly bad that Transport Minister Scheuer is just bogging down 600 million euros and only saying: Sorry, I don’t know any better. Or how Federal Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer destroyed the Bundeswehr. That is plain text!

Linda Zerkavis is nervous

The premiere of the new primetime magazine #ZOL has good moments like the one with Kubicki. But the mix is ​​not that easy. Chancellor election, flood victims, a beer and silly games with top star James Blunt.

Experience live: Carsten Maschmeyer – relentlessly open

In addition, Linda Zerkavis is noticeably nervous. She chatters a lot, laughs a bit shrilly here and there, makes jokes where there is none, and saves herself from the smooth parquet with light jokes. She doesn’t even get the name of the show out correctly. Shortly before the end of the premiere, she said: “I’m relieved.” The former daily announcer is not used to two hours live.

Matthias Opdenhövel is apparently less of a problem. A lot of things are live in sport. With minor embarrassments, Opdi helps his former ARD colleague out of a jam. He is better at spontaneity than she is. But later in the evening she still catches up. The more journalistic the topics get, the better Zervakis gets.

Singer Aryane Sayeed: “The Taliban wanted my head”

The new show started with Afghanistan – or rather with the situation of women there after the Taliban came to power. The Afghan singer Aryane Sayeed is sitting in the studio. She is wearing a tight black leather dress and is heavily made up. She is an enemy of the Taliban. A few days ago she was able to flee Afghanistan by plane with her fiancé because she has an English passport and he has a Canadian passport.

If the Taliban had caught them, the fiancé was given orders to shoot Aryane. “The Taliban wanted to cut my head off because I am an idol and I inspire women. Because Afghan women should not have a voice. They should bring children into the world like a machine.” Before she fled, Sayeed owned a luxury boutique in Kabul, her own fashion label, had sung, in short: a career of his own.

Author Düzen Tekkal: “Women are trapped”

Aryane Sayeed had been fatwaed by five clergymen. It would instill a “heretical culture” in Afghan women. Sayeed returned to her country in 2010 because she thought that a new future awaited there. Now she is back in exile and says: “I want to continue to raise my voice for the women who no longer have a voice.”

Düzen Tekkal sits next to the singer. She is the rapporteur with Kurdish-Yazidi roots. She says: “The life of a self-determined Afghan woman is no longer possible. The women are degraded to victims. They no longer take place. The women are trapped in Afghanistan.” Politicians always speak of women’s and human rights, but these values ​​are not honored in Afghanistan. Aryane Sayeed adds: “We are back at the same point as we were 20 years ago. They are the same Taliban from before.”

Top star James Blunt drinks Altbier

Before James Blunt can sing, he has to play childish drinking games. Blunt is an avowed beer lover. In competition with Zervakis, he should recognize wheat beer, Pils and Altbier. This is about as difficult to distinguish as milk, water and cola. Then for the Englishman it is a matter of holding up a filled beer mug longer than Opdenhövel. Sure, an evening on ProSieben should also entertain. But there are games with a higher level.

At the end things get serious again: Verena and Jens Hildebrandt lost their home near Bad Neuenahr in the flood disaster. They tell how they grabbed the four-year-old daughter and the cat and holed up in the house when water and mud destroyed everything. The moderators ask for their wishes. Jens: “I just want to have another beer in the garden!” Verena: “Warm water.” Zervakis replies: “We want to give you back a piece of normality.” There is a present for the daughter – a pink children’s room with a bed and a unicorn. It’s just stupid that there is still no restored apartment.

Conclusion: The moderators are in harmony. The range of topics is very large. But the individual elements still don’t want to fit together properly. Work has to be done on the process. The whole thing is promising, but it can be done better.

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