Three foods and a drink rich in potassium to include in your diet to lose weight

Slim down and losing weight involves including a series of changes in our way of life that cause this purpose to be somewhat complicated. While getting rid of those extra pounds is not an easy task, there are a series of tricks to make our routine more bearable. In addition to exercising with the movements that we like the most (some prefer to go to the gym, others to run and a third group to dive into the pool), there are also foods that should enter our diet and, on the contrary, others that have to go out.

As far as food is concerned, many experts point out that a plate rich in vitamins and essential nutrients helps our body function properly and accelerates the process of lose weight. One of those nutrients is potassium.

As can be read in the ‘Times of India’, potassium is a trace element and an electrolyte for our body. This component contributes to maintaining the level of blood pressure, nerve function and also transports nutrients to cells.

The properties of potassium

When it comes to weight loss, potassium supports muscle function and contributes to rapid recovery at the end of an intense training session. It should be remembered that any healthy lifestyle involves following a feeding healthy and abandon all kinds of sedentary lifestyle.

A person who wants to follow a healthy lifestyle should ingest about 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day. (Unsplash)

As part of the rest after exercise, it is advisable to eat products rich in potassium to speed up the recovery process. A person who wants to follow a healthy lifestyle you should eat about 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day.

However, not all human beings include the enough nutrients in your diet. To try to change this, it is interesting to remember which products contain potassium. First of all, one of the fruits that tennis players eat: the banana.

Fiber improves digestion and supports heart health

In addition to potassium, this food is rich in fiber and a series of antioxidants that speed up metabolism and make it take longer for us to be hungry. Several studies indicate that the intake of banana can reduce the risk of weight gain by up to 30%. In addition, fiber improves digestion and promotes Health from the heart.

Drink to get the nutrient

The banana is followed by a vegetable such as sweet potato. This food belongs to the winter season and is a perfect late-night snack for those who want to shed those extra pounds. In addition to being rich in potassium, it has nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

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The third and last food that is advisable to include in a diet to ingest potassium are red beans. Protein and fiber make we feel satiated for longer, while potassium balances the level of electrolytes needed after doing sport intense.

Coconut water is added to these solid products. This liquid is a great ally when it comes to obtaining nutrients. Coconut water is a natural drink that is loaded with magnesium, calcium, sodium, manganese, and potassium. Now is the time to see what products you want to include in your diet to give your body the potassium you need.

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