This is Panama!

Panama is a very peculiar country and to understand it you have to decode the Panamanian. Due to its geography, it belongs to Central America, but we do not consider ourselves Central American because of its history, we should be an Andean country, but we do not consider ourselves South American. Finally, due to its tropical climate, its wide coasts and gastronomy, we could be considered Caribbean, but neither are we nor do we consider ourselves as such. That is why Panama is unique and very particular, a fact that few understand and that is why some more minorities try to impose their will, but they do not obtain the results at the polls.For example, and without pretending to be exhaustive, first Panama never had to dollarize (because it always had it and will have it). Second: we use the Canal as our main economic manager and third: its geopolitical position is unmatched. These privileges have allowed us to develop a service economy that, on some occasions, without competition or with marked advantages, have facilitated port development in two oceans connected by highways and railways. In addition, an international financial center was created, now abyssed, by not having a definition as a country that we want, nor have we adopted a virile position in the face of the impositions of others who compete with us and do not have the will to do so in a “plain level field”. Additionally, this has facilitated the creation of the integrated logistics industry, with enormous advantages, but with a double edge, allowing us to think about today and neglect tomorrow.We cannot have more governments that violate due process, disrespect democracy by persecuting those who are they oppose him and abuse the benefits by changing capricious laws at the request of third parties, (power groups) for not having the courage to confront them. That is why, until now, we have managed to survive with serious “structural” problems. Disenchantment is widespread and the perception of Panamanians is concerned about the 44% unemployment level, 25% poor education, 21% health and insecurity growing 12%. All these problems are intimately related to each other of very old date and that undermine our country in such a way that if we do not face them as a State via a national agreement, the consequences will be dire. Panama needs a visionary leader to resolve these concerns. There is no room for trial and error, hatred or quarrels. Unemployment has caused a high% of the population to work independently. Of these, few have enough income to maintain a decent life. Most depend on intermittent and informal income, many of these are state subsidies that do not guarantee that they exceed or adequately meet all their basic needs, many being informal with sporadic jobs or shrimp, the bad thing is that almost all receive state subsidies. The chronic problem is that they are very far from the new technological knowledge, that is why the elimination of the Wi-Fi network, the non-delivery of laptops to all students was very damaging; This is why few get jobs in private companies and decide to swell the government payroll, which is almost 265,000 people. Due to this, their only alternative is the political parties as a tool to obtain a job. It is said a lot that our education is deficient and proof of this are the low “PISA” standards. Not having a good education makes the electorate dependent on the government, creating a lack of intellectuality with very little social mobility. That is why hope remains pawned in third parties (politicians) and in subsistence with the creation of the “play alive” culture. In contrast, democracy depends on all of us having similar opportunities on the one hand and on the other that only meritocracy prevails. Without education, the only thing we can achieve is to further accentuate the gap between rich and poor, which in Panama is high and now after the pandemic I assume it is more pronounced.In terms of health, the problem of SSC is complex, but simple, The contributors are less and less as there is no economic growth, a product of the lack of justice and due process, but the dependents are increasingly long-lived. With no real solution in sight, it is pathetic that the problem will be packaged and shelved until it breaks out in the next government. If we see why we have not reacted, we find that the political cost of fixing it is exorbitant since the institution is a subsidy for many and a business for a few. As long as we do not have a first world education, unemployment will continue high, informal or independent every day will be more and the contributors less. If we see this interrelation and how each problem contributes to increase the other, it is evident, why the lack of reaction of Panamanians to all problems. This leads us to insecurity that is truly an organized crime, which is rather oriented to drug trafficking as a vehicle to get out of poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities and lack of good education. This violence is developed via gangsters and their incursion into the centers of power, more than all the political and economic, do nothing more than give us the seasoning to be a failed state. We already have precarious indications in our Latin America of specific things, an ungrateful reminder, but much inspiration to the reigning disenchantment in Panama. If we mix all these social problems in a blender, we will create a Panamanian who is more dependent and at the same time an increasingly unequal country. for the inequity and the culture of the live game. We must avoid all this fatal dependency by choosing the next ruler well, to give another side to the coin that is hope, that is, the once memory of a vibrant economy and that of a not so remote time that was better. Remember this very well when you make your decision to vote in 2024.

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