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Exatlon USA / Instagram Exatlon USA’s competitors had to contend with the disgust of frogs and toads

Viewers of the fifth season of EXATLON USA saw all kinds of moments that unfolded on the show over the course of seven months, and while living amid the Dominican Republic’s heavenly nature has been a marvel. for the candidates, there were also difficult times and details that they had to deal with every day.

And is that despite living in a very ecological environment, where they could breathe clean air and have contact with the environment, EXATLON participants had to learn to live in close collaboration with amphibians, which although necessary in the food chain and the protection of the ecosystem, they are not appreciated by many, who just seeing them produces phobia and even disgust.

This was revealed by Ana Parra, who, already returned to her normal life, spoke in a Miami “live” and highlighted that on several occasions she had had moments that she described as “disgusting”, during which she felt frogs inside her. body and in their clothes.

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The talented Colombian athlete mentioned that the scenes lived with frogs and toads roaming freely in their natural space, becoming the daily bread, even at times when they were swimming and even when they tried to fall into Morpheus’ arms. .

The star of the Contender team recalled several anecdotes with the not-so-loved amphibians.

“It happened to me once when I was drying my shoes outside the cabin. He dried them there, I tied them up and he went to check them. But when I caught them, one shoe was heavier than another, and from there a frog fell; a very ugly, disgusting frog, ”said the young model, who panicked and screamed that alarmed the other athletes.

“See, I would have preferred a snake, whatever. But a frog?…. oops, I think about it and I get cute (my skin itches). I don’t know why it bothers me so much…. and I started screaming, ‘gas, gas, gas, (an expression of discontent widely used in Colombia) like crazy. They were all inside, and since Mexicans don’t understand what I’m saying, they thought I was talking about gas (cooking), not disgusting gas. They never understood me, ”Ana Parra recalled.

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But delving into his memories with the frogs in EXATLON, the athlete mostly drew attention to another moment that almost made him pass out in disgust.

“While I was sleeping, something happened to me. You can believe that I was sleeping and that a frog fell on me here (on my body). It was horrible. I remember Caesar, Ricado, and I was still there (in the beds) and it hit Caesar first in the back. Then Ricardo among his things. Caesar got up and I woke up a bit, because I was listening… when I felt it hit me, ”said the athlete.

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“I got up to turn on the light and started screaming. You can imagine the uproar. I didn’t know what hit me, and when I turned on the lights, the Panther (Denisse Novoa) and everyone got up, and we saw the frog. Between Pantera and me we took it out ”, added the former beauty queen.

Ana Parra also mentioned that with frogs, insects were also part of the daily bread, and recalled that one day her friend, Rafa Soriano, had been the victim of a bite which had scared them.

“Once Brujito put on his shoe, and still in the Cabin, we had to check our shoes carefully, because the animals come in. And once, Brujito put on his shoe and was bitten by a scorpion. Nothing has happened to him, but imagine it, ”concluded Ana, who realized that her desire to shine in the competition was such that for this reason they endured those difficult times, to which they have become accustomed with the time.

Let us know what you think of Ana Parra’s frog phobia and tell us yours.

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