The legendary 'Command & Conquer', 'Red Alert' and 'Dune 2000' are still very much alive thanks to Open Source adaptations of OpenRA

In 2007 a group of developers wanted to pay their particular tribute to ‘Red Alert’ and began to work on a title that would adapt everything that that mythical game proposed, but improving it.

The project, called OpenRA, has “remastered” not just ‘Red Alert’, but ‘Command & Conquer’ and ‘Dune 2000’ in the form of Open Source “mods” adapted to the new times with better graphics and interesting novelties in the game mechanics.

A great tribute to RTS game lovers

As they explain on the official website, the graphics are certainly a tribute to the original titles and they do not differ much from those of the original games, but many other things change in these titles. This project, by the way, goes beyond what ‘Command & Conquer Remastered Collection’ proposed.

For example the game mechanics, which adopt modern features like the ‘fog of war’ (which obscures the battlefield beyond the line of sight of our units) or the experience gain of the units as they progress through the game.

There is also online game support, not only for the original mods but for those created by the user community. The project actually has the so-called Mod SDK to create new RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, and in all cases the code is available thanks to the Open Source licenses used in this project.

This is therefore a good way to enjoy those legendary strategy games, which you can also install on Windows, macOS and Linux.

More information | OpenRA

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