the integrity of boxing legends must not be compromised

By Mauricio Sulaiman / Son of José Sulaiman / President of the WBC

The World Boxing Council invariably supports any situation that is beneficial to boxers; be it new promotion companies, broadcast platforms, extraordinary tournaments, sponsorship companies, etc. Part of our job as a regulator of this sport is also to promote and offer our platform to support such initiatives.

The WBC a travaillé intensément pour réaliser the tournoi Gold Belt très réussi, sous the promotion of Multivision pendant 20 ans, formant 14 champions du monde. It also works hand in hand with the Telmex Telcel Foundation to carry out the highly successful Ring Telmex program, which has generated 19 champions, and another example is the work with Conade to support the national amateur tournament of the Popular Games, and thus a myriad of issues. au leveau world.

We are currently experiencing a trend of boxing functions with a wide variety of elements. Influencing events, participation of athletes from other above-ring sports, such as mixed martial arts fighters, and retired boxers returning to the channel.

This phenomenon is not new, it has occurred in the past, but sporadically, as unique and independent events; We saw Muhammad Ali “fight” against the Japanese fighter Inoki, who never got off the mat and knocked him down; also player José Canseco, who stepped into the ring to receive a beating. Too Tall Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has won six pro fights, and Mickey Rourke, who fought in Japan, drove his fans crazy, for being a famous Hollywood idol.

The current trend is not something sporadic, it has already emerged on several fronts and threatens to stay and be something continuous; obviously all based on the money you generate. It all started during the pandemic. The world stopped, there were no sporting events for several months and the lockdown led to a mental change, so, full of nostalgia, we started doing things at home that made us feel better. were missing and gave us passion and pleasure to live.

Mike Tyson returned to boxing training; So, he overcame his terrible depression and excess weight, by training for a few months and uploading a video of just six seconds to his social networks, the world began to dream and imagine what it was. would be to see the dreaded knocker back into the ring.

Miguel, as I affectionately call him, started to organize an event with specific characteristics; It would be an exhibition with a mask, 16-ounce gloves and three cartridges, inspired by the events he saw staged by Julio César Chávez and El Travieso Arce; exhibitions to entertain the public, bring happiness to society and, above all, for charitable purposes …

Eventually, Tyson fell into the temptation of the money and outsourced his event to a company called Triller, who took over and took charge of organizing it in its entirety. They set off in search of the rival, who was ultimately Roy Jones; They added the hugely popular influencer Jake Paul, who had actually been boxing for three years and faced a basketball legend, and some official fights between fighters. It took place at the Staples Center, without an audience, and was complemented by musical acts, spotlighting Snoop Dog, who smoked a marijuana cigar the size of the biggest cigar imaginable, and that’s how the whole scene smelled …

Tyson gave a wonderful demonstration; They both understood that it was all about entertaining and at no time hurting their opponent. The event was an absolute success, it sold 1.6 million homes on pay-per-view and that’s where the eyes of many more were opened.

Today there are the Paul brothers, as well as influencers from various countries trying to organize their events; Likewise, boxing promoters and TV channels are looking to get into this new dynamic, but most importantly, retired boxers are looking to get back into the ring.

What happened last Saturday was a blessing; Thank goodness there was no serious injury. Tito Ortiz was shot in under a minute, in a spectacular knockout that could have resulted in a fatal injury, and legendary grand champion Evander Holyfield was embarrassed, in just 90 seconds, by a mixed martial arts rival at the retirement.

I’m not interested in analyzing Holyfield and what happened; It is a blessing that everyone has seen the reality. You can’t play boxing. Former boxers should not return to the ring to fight. Exhibitions are acceptable, as they are with strong safety measures, but maskless and competitive fights cannot take place.

Many greats in history left the ring with painful farewell fights, when time took away the physical virtues that do not come back… Joe Louis was knocked out by Marciano, Ali by Holmes, Leonard by Camacho, El Púas by the unknown Nacho Madrid, Chavez by Grover Wiley; Thus, they closed their chapter in the life of a boxer and moved on.

Today is different. Holyfield had not fought for a decade and at 58 he did a terrible act against his life and against the honor of the sport that gave him everything. Oscar de la Hoya was going to fight, after 12 years out of the ring, but a signal came from the sky when he contracted COVID-19 and had to cancel it; Riddick Bowe says he wants to fight, and so the Corporate Sharks pitch deals to legendary fighters to use them, give them peanuts, and earn millions.

It needs order in a way, but the power of money and the scruples of some can do more than will and security. Holyfield can now become the great leader again, to seek to help his teammates not to experience such a situation.


I was on a very popular TV show in America, as 100 Mexicans said.

It was WBC versus UFC. In my team were Holyfield, Bowe, Shawn Porter and Ryan Garcia. We had a lot of fun and we won 527 to 28… The funny thing is that Bowe had to be put on a bench because he couldn’t stand for long and he walks with a lot of difficulty; this is the character they are trying to bring into the ring …

The anecdote of the day

My father was at home when he heard that Mexican idol Rubén Púas Olivares would be doing a farewell fight at Arena México. He called him and begged him not to… “Forgive me Don Pepe, I need the wool and they will pay me very well; I’m also going with a novice child, don’t worry, I’m El Púas, ”he told her.

The audience sold out to say goodbye to the great idol, who entered the ring against Ignacio Madrid. Olivares fell to the canvas seven times in two rounds, until the ref took pity on his idol and stopped the fight.

Fans cried and screamed, the young man from Madrid has never been forgiven and he has never excelled at boxing.

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