The best orange juicers with integrated cutter

How delicious and how good a delicious freshly squeezed orange juice tastes! In addition to the vitamins it provides to the body. If you are looking to renew your old juicer and do not know which one to choose, we want to talk to you about the Orange juicers with built-in cutter.

Although they differ from traditional electronic models in several respects, the most important – as its name suggests – is that are provided with a cutter or blade that is placed under the cover: This accessory is the one that cuts the orange in half (it is placed in a specific compartment), so that we avoid using the knife for this task.

Cut in two, we put each of the halves in some squeezing cones so that, with the lid down and once we press the power button, a small pressure is exerted that makes the appliance extract all the juice from the fruit. It is placed in a small plastic cup that usually has a capacity of half a liter and is fitted with a filter for the pulp. In just a few seconds, the juice is ready.

Which orange squeezers with cutter have we chosen?

The chosen appliances are: Cecotec EssentialVita Twice Black (8,75), Create iKohs Juicer Dual Black (9), Prixton Juicer Duo Pro XP3 (8.25) and Silvano Duo Exprim (7.75). They have been assessed after the analysis of the following aspects:

– Materials: the structure of all of them is bathed in plastic, a material that in each case presents a different quality.

– Power: all work at a power of 90 watts. Do they take advantage of this value well?

– Cleaning: Although non-electronic parts can be washed in the dishwasher, we have preferred to do it by hand. In general, the accumulated remains can be cleaned without much difficulty and for the squeezing cones it is advisable to use a small brush to remove the dirt that remains between the slits.

– Experience: if the juicer works correctly and fulfills the promise, or on the contrary it gets stuck. Are you able to squeeze the most of the orange juice? Is it fast running? How does the cutter that it incorporates behave?

Comparison of orange juicer with cutter: this is how we have analyzed them

For several days we have used these four models of juicer to check not only their operation, but also the performance of the cutter that they integrate under their lid. This has also made it easier for us, in the same way, to check how the juice production process is like, if it is ready in a short time and the cleaning of all its parts thanks to the removable design of these machines.

All are an option to consider, however, the Create iKohs Juicer Dual model manages to stand out from the rest for its manufacturing quality, how well its 90 watts of power render and all the juice it squeezes of the orange.

Create iKohs Juicer Dual Orange Squeezer with Cutter

Its design follows the aesthetics of this class of appliances, so it is quickly identified. With them, it shares characteristics such as a cable reel and small non-slip feet located on its base. Also a compact structure (220 x 230 x 240 millimeters) and a weight (1.8 kilos) that allows it to be moved around the kitchen with ease.

Shares identical power with the rest (90 watts) but the feeling it conveys is that this value is higher. Like them, the cutting blade for the orange is made of plastic: it fulfills the promise and only requires to use it twice so that the fruit is cut in two. Regarding the size of the oranges to use, a medium or medium-large size is recommended because if we use smaller pieces they end up coming out of the squeezing cones (this has happened to us with the others as well). What costs a little more is to extract the orange remains that are left in the squeezer cones. If we use a small brush, this dirt is more easily removed.

Our choice and best value for money

It offers a very good user experience, the tank has a capacity of 500 milliliters and incorporates a pulp filter.

Buy for € 29.95 on Amazon

Cecotec EssentialVita Twice Black Orange Squeezer with Cutter

Aesthetically it looks one of the most striking designs in the comparison and although we have tried the black version there is another one in white. With a very good adherence to the surface where it is placed and cable reel incorporated in one of the holes in the base, the first contact is positive. As with the rest of the selected electric juicers, the entire structure is bathed in plastic: the quality chosen by the manufacturer seems to us to be one of the best and this, over time, helps to increase the resistance and durability of the machine; especially if it is going to be used intensively.

The orange cutter on the lid works well, although it is necessary to carry out more than one pass until we can completely separate the fruit in two. Then, simply add both halves to each of the juicer cones, activate the power switch and lower the lid by applying pressure – you don’t need to apply too much force – to get the juice out. The whole process takes place in a few seconds. In this respect, the machine squeezes almost all the juice out of the orange to the maximum and its 90 watts of power are used perfectly. Of course, it gets much more dirty than its competitors, although, on the other hand, it is the easiest to clean.

The alternative

The noise emitted does not become annoying. The container where the juice is deposited, once squeezed, has a capacity of 0.5 liters and includes a filter for pulp.

Buy for € 24.55 on Amazon

Orange juicer with cutter Prixton Juicer Duo Pro XP3

Its dimensions (277 x 254 x 251.1 millimeters) and its weight (2.26 kilos) are similar to that of the rest of the electric juicers in the comparison, so It is possible to easily find a space for it in the kitchen and even transport it comfortably: for example, to a second home if we consider the option of taking it on the go. Provides good adherence to the surface where it is placed thanks to rubber feet distributed on the base. It is made of plastic and the noise level it emits when it starts up is a little higher than the rest.

There is no lack of the orange cutter integrated in the lid nor the double head where both halves are deposited. The pressure that must be exerted for the juicer to activate its internal mechanics and expel the concentrated juice is very slight. In this sense, uses its 90 watts of power optimally and you are satisfied with the results. Like the others, it comes with a 0.5-liter capacity tank where the juice is deposited and a filter for the pulp that we think is one of the best in the article.

Another inexpensive option

The removable parts are dishwasher safe, but as with the rest we have washed them by hand. In a few minutes, they are clean to put back in place and store the juicer until the next use.

Buy for € 29.95 on Amazon

Orange juicer with cutter Silvano Duo Exprim

Available in two finishes (orange and metallic gray), this electric juicer takes advantage of its 90 watts of power, but we think it can give more of itself. Both the structure and the accessories available are made of plastic and its quality gives a feeling of durability. Like its opponents, it has two squeezing cones and a cutter on the lid so that when cutting the oranges we do not get stained or have to use a knife. It is preferable to use medium-sized oranges so that each of the halves fits as well as possible in the space reserved for them and does not move or shift too much.

The removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher or manually. As we have already mentioned, we opted for the second option: the dirt comes off without too many complications. Regarding the level of noise emitted by the appliance, the results are similar to those of Create iKohs.

Available in two colors

How does it perform? Not only does it extract the juice quickly, but it gets quite a bit of it. The juice falls into a half-liter container fitted with a pouring strainer for the pulp.

Buy for € 29.90 on Amazon

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of September 15, 2021.

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