The art of spa for your hair

Abused during the summer, our hair needs care to regain energy and beauty. First of all attentions: to offer them a little of our time. Inspired by the rituals performed in the best hair spas, here is our in-house program.

Very vulnerable to stress and emotions, hair loves to be pampered and reacts quickly to the respect we give it. Particularly eager for benevolence at the end of summer – the sun has dried up and weakened the strongest of them – they deserve a little more than just shampoo and conditioner. This is the perfect moment to offer them a real beauty ceremony: two hours of regular treatments at home for a month, for a result worthy of those delivered in hair spas.

Treat the atmosphere

Start by playing soft music you like, dim the lights, turn off your cell phone, and light a fragrant candle. Listen to what really makes you want. Sensory intelligence is a good advisor and tells you what you need. For example, the fact of aspiring to a fresh, energizing scent, reflects fatigue, a need to be invigorated. If you are looking for relaxing notes instead, you are stressed out and need to let go. Above all, take your time, perform all your movements in slow motion. Your hair will benefit from your relaxation.

Air your hair

Use two brushes, ideally natural, one in boar bristle, the other in olive wood, each in one hand. Standing, head tilted forward, alternate brushing, from the neck to the forehead along the entire length, then to each side and to the front, lifting them from below and avoiding touching the scalp so as not to irritate. Lift your head, return the hair to the back, then brush this time from the forehead to the nape of the neck. This ritual allows you to dust the hair, give it volume, eliminate hair in the fall phase, styling products, polluting particles … To be performed daily in the evening, always on dry hair, for three minutes. Without forgetting to regularly clean your brushes with soapy water.

Massage your skull

It is on him that you are going to linger, because it conditions all the health of the hair. The scalp is nourished only by the blood, the objective is therefore, by a massage, to soften it and to activate the microcirculation, in order to promote the supply of nutrients at the level of the roots. Focus on it, imagine that it is as supple as very thin skin and that your fingers can dive into it like a soft fabric.
In a seated position, elbows resting on a table, face leaning forward, mouth parted to loosen the jaws and better release tension, place your fingers on your scalp, thumbs back and try to move it back and forth. back, as if you wanted to take it off. Perform this gesture first from the neck to the forehead, then to the sides. Then exert slow pressures with the pads of the fingers, from the center outwards, focusing on the five energy points: the neck, the top of the skull, the front of the head, the temples, behind the ears. If you’re unsure of your actions, that’s okay – as long as you’re well-meaning, your hair will receive them as a gift. All gentle scalp massages are good for them. To be carried out at least twice a week on dry hair, before shampooing, for five to ten minutes.

Bathe your lengths in oil

Borrow from the geishas their beauty secret: to repair their hair, strained by pulled hairstyles, they offered them a bath of camellia oil (Absolute Essence of Shu Uemura, but any oil is effective). This ritual should be performed before shampooing, on dry hair. Heat the oil between your hands, impregnate your hair strand by strand, make it penetrate well and insist on the ends. To distribute it well, you can use a brush. Wrap your hair in a hot towel or plastic film, or, better, take the opportunity to iron: the steam emitted by your iron will strengthen the absorption of the treatment. Modulate the amount of oil and the exposure time according to the degree of damage to your hair. If they are very dry, colored, damaged, apply it generously and leave on overnight. If they are mixed or oily, a few drops, fifteen minutes before shampooing, will suffice. Your hair will be smooth, shiny and rehydrated. The oil will protect them from the “delipidant” (anti-greasy) effect of the shampoo and will facilitate disentangling, especially if you use an organic shampoo (which therefore does not contain sheathing surfactants). The right pace? Once or twice a week, depending on the degree of dryness and the thickness of your hair.

Scrub your scalp

Delivering a scrub to the scalp frees it of all impurities, dead cells and dandruff, oxygen and stimulates microcirculation. What seems to be a novelty is in reality only the updating of a very old gesture. From Antiquity, women concocted mixtures based on salt or clay to rub their heads in order to have beautiful hair. Once a week, apply your hair exfoliation product line by line, on dry or wet scalp. Massage gently using small circular movements, then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a treating shampoo, which you will choose according to your type of hair and which you will leave to act for five minutes.

Apply a treatment mask

After shampooing, wring out your hair and absorb the moisture in a towel, without rubbing. Apply a treatment mask – nourishing shea and bamboo if they are dry, clay if they are oily – instead of a conditioner. Mix the lengths well and avoid the scalp. Leave on for twenty minutes – even if the instructions for use only tell you three! – is the time it takes to penetrate the hair fiber.
Detangle the lengths with a wide-toothed comb, starting at the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Your hair should crunch under your fingers. Dry them with a towel, then in the dryer, avoiding the hottest temperature and keeping the device about twenty centimeters from the head so as not to burn them.
Thanks to Éric from the J. Bogatti salon, to Catherine Chauvin, director of the René Furterer Institute, and to Leonor Greyl, founder of the institute of the same name.

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Address Book :

All these rituals are inspired by the care provided by hair professionals. You can find them at the following addresses.
– Salon J. Bogatti. Rens. : 01 47 05 33 00 and
– René Furterer Institute. Rens. : 01 42 65 30 60 or
– Leonor Greyl Institute. Rens. : 01 42 65 32 26 and
– Soins Shu Uemura Art of Hair. Rens. :
– Carita Beauty House. Rens. : 01 44 94 11 11 or

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