Teresa Garcia: "We are all replaceable, the essential thing is to comply with the policy that one sets"

“We must align wages with prices and rates. People do not like to go into debt, they want to live in peace. The pandemic was a catastrophe and now we have to deal with it,” said Buenos Aires Minister of Government Teresa García. In dialogue with Page 12, the minister analyzed the defeat of the Frente de Todos in Sunday’s elections, affirmed that “we must listen to why we were not voted” and was confident that the result could be “reversed” in November. Although he clarified that, at the moment, no changes are being analyzed in the cabinet, García assured that all officials are “replaceable” and that “if someone has to resign, they will have to resign.”

– What analysis do you make of the defeat on Sunday?

– I don’t think the performance has been bad, the sum of radicalism and macrismo surpassed the Frente de Todos by four points. You have to consider that, if you look at the electoral behavior around the world, the officialdom lost in the pandemic. But we are not going to make excuses after a defeat, we have to listen to why they did not join us. And then break it down, because we had a huge absence in the vote due to the fear of contagion and the anger. It is objectively seen that the people expressed their desire not to accompany, their admonition to the government, fundamentally prioritizing the question of the pocket. Despite the efforts that were made, the reality is that when a family has to open the refrigerator and send the kids to school and they can’t, they get angry. And it is understandable. The people are wise and never make mistakes in their electoral manifestations. Now the government’s job is to notice what is wrong and correct it. Peronism always had the virtue of listening and correcting, it is not stupid.

– What things must be corrected for November 14?

– The issue of prices and rentals are central. Wages must be aligned with prices and rates. People do not like to get into debt, they want to pay and live quietly. As Cristina said: what people want is to be calm and have a semi-organized life. The pandemic was a catastrophe and now we have to deal with it. Policies that have to do with everyday life must be corrected.

– How did the Buenos Aires government lose almost 20 points in two years?

– They are not comparable elections, an executive attracts other attention from the voter because there she knows that she has to vote for someone who governs her interests. In a legislative one, people allow themselves other licenses, they want to admonish, they get angry and they make it known. The loss of points in the Province of Buenos Aires responds to this pandemic reality but also to the fact that in a legislative session people downplay it. It is not that we have lost the capital that was won in the executive, therefore it was taken very calmly and understanding that there are things to correct. Work must be intensified and communication improved.

– Are changes in the cabinet analyzed?

– I was with the governor until late at night and we spoke on the phone and the issue did not come up. I am one of those who believes that we are all replaceable, that the essential thing is to comply with the policy that one sets and that then the people who carry it out are replaceable. I see some political analysis regarding the cabinet changes and it seems that it was the Montescos y Capuletos war and in truth it is not like that. There are officials who interpret reality very well, but at one point they stop interpreting it well and what is important is the line of public policy that is set. It doesn’t seem dramatic to me. If someone has to resign, they will have to resign. We are fuses.

– Does this apply to the national government?

– The same applies. What I think is that the demand for changes is more concentrated in the national cabinet. The president has to be considering the deepening of improvements in terms of economic policy and reaching the pockets of the people and surely that will go hand in hand with the consideration of some of the members of his cabinet.

– Are you optimistic that the result can be reversed?

– I sincerely believe that we can reverse the result in November. Those who define are those who lead the processes and we have important figures to give their opinion: the president, the vice president, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, the president of the bloc, the governor. These are days of debate, of reading the election well and being able to see what happened. These are not days of making up ghosts. Because I want to say something too: the opposition did not win the world final cup. They will have to give an account between now and November of the proposals that they are going to take to the Legislature because saying that we must stop Kirchnerism is not a creative proposal. They are going to have to raise in the debates which country they want, what they are going to want to do with the compensation.

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