Survey on the federal election: will Laschet manage to reverse the trend?  Union is suddenly catching up!

Survey on the federal election: will Laschet manage to reverse the trend? Union is suddenly catching up!

September 15, 2021 at 12:02 am

The upcoming chancellor? The career of Armin Laschet

The upcoming chancellor? The career of Armin Laschet

With his election as CDU party leader, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet has become one of the most promising candidates for the Chancellery.

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These Bundestag election is really exciting: In a new one opinion poll from Forsa for RTL and n-tv, CDU / CSU make a significant leap forward. Succeed Armin Laschet the leap to first place in the last meters of the election campaign?

According to another opinion poll Only two percentage points separate the SPD and the Union! So it could be a heartbeat finale at the Bundestag election be on September 26th.

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Poll on the federal election: Union is clearly catching up! Will Armin Laschet still make it?

According to the new Forsa survey, the Union gains two percentage points and now comes to 21 percent. Forsa saw the CDU / CSU with 19 percent, however, as weak as hardly any other survey institute.

Problem for Armin Laschet: The SPD remains stable at 25 percent in this new poll before the federal election. Olaf Scholz still has a solid lead of four percentage points.

Survey: Armin Laschet uses the FDP – left camp stable

The catch on the survey plus for Armin Laschet: The Union’s gains are only at the expense of the FDP! The left camp, on the other hand, remains stable. According to Forsa, the liberals around top candidate Christian Lindner only reach 11 percent (-2).

The Greens with Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock at Forsa still have 17 percent, the AfD can count on 11 percent, the Left Party with 6 percent.

Chancellor question at Forsa: Armin Laschet is catching up slightly, but Olaf Scholz is still clearly ahead

Armin Laschet can also catch up with Forsa on the chancellor question – but only minimally. Now 11 percent would directly elect the CDU leader as Merkel’s successor if that were possible. But Olaf Scholz remains unchallenged at the top with 30 percent. Annalena Baerbock is also ahead of Laschet (15 percent).

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Another poll for the federal election: Only two percentage points ahead for the SPD

According to a GMS poll on the federal election, also published on Tuesday, there are only two percentage points between the SPD and the Union. Accordingly, the SPD comes here to 25 percent, the Union should expect 23 percent. The CDU / CSU would thus be within striking distance of the party of Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz.

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However: Compared to the previous week, there was no new movement at this institute. So Armin Laschet couldn’t catch up! A trend reversal cannot be seen in the GMS figures.

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Further polls on the federal election:

  • INSA: SPD 26 percent, CDU / CSU 20.5 percent
  • Research group elections: SPD 25 percent, CDU / CSU 22 percent
  • SPD 28 percent, CDU / CSU 19 percent
  • Civey: SPD 25 percent, CDU / CSU 23 percent


Poll on the federal election: Postal voters are a problem for Armin Laschet and the Union

Armin Laschet would now have to win back further percentage points in the remaining 12 days until the election – and above all take one or the other percentage point off the SPD so that his Union is in the lead in the end and gets the legitimate government mandate.


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However, the problem for the Union could be millions of postal voters who have already made their irreversible decision. For this group of voters, a possibly improved trend for the CDU / CSU would no longer be relevant.

Olaf Scholz can’t help grinning when a ZDF pensioner complains about the voice police

On Tuesday evening, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz had to deal with a rather angry pensioner on the ZDF program “Klartext”.

Olaf Scholz on ZDF: The unemployed person simply takes his name on him – and then it becomes clear: “Schikane!”

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz was suddenly used by a studio guest on the ZDF show.

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