Styling: These 5 fashion pieces will boost your self-confidence

5 pieces of fashion that give you self-confidence

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Who does not know it: You wear this one piece and suddenly feel irresistible. So why not have this feeling every day? It works with these pieces.

Clothes make the man: Some treasures in the closet give our self-confidence a boost. We then feel both beautiful and strong. Sometimes this happens purely by chance, but with the right clothes we can influence this feeling and experience it over and over again. With a few basic pieces in the wardrobe, the whole thing works by itself.

You go girl: 5 pieces of fashion that will boost your self-confidence

Matching underwear

A bra with the right cup size supports the bust and flatters the cleavage. With matching underwear, it’s a match that can be seen. So it is worth going to a specialist store for size advice, especially because we feel good when everything is well packaged.

The perfect jeans

Once we find it, we should never let go of it. The right pair of jeans is a real everyday savior that can cope with almost any situation – and also puts your buttocks, thighs and waist in its own spotlight.

Ironed blouses

A supposed little thing that not everyone enjoys. Nevertheless, ironed blouses have an enormous effect on external perception and self-confidence. A little thing to watch out for: If the iron does not have an anti-limescale system, distilled water should be used so that there are no deposits on clothing in the long term.


Important meeting? A lecture at work? From the office straight to the date? It can be the blazer! With the mass of designs, a new favorite piece can be found for everyone. Incidentally, sets of blazers and matching suit trousers are currently particularly in demand.


You can rest assured: it doesn’t always have to be high heels, we also achieve advantages with smaller heels. On the one hand, high-heeled shoes act like mindfulness training in which we consciously take steps and feel the gait. A great side effect is the hip swing that comes with it. Clack-clack, go!


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