Silvina Santarelli, Gabriel Milito's wife, broke it at the opening of Bake Off

With the conduction of Paula Chaves, a new edition of Bake Off Argentina, El Gran Pastelero (Telefe, at 22.30) was released. Damián Betular, Pamela Villar and Dolli Irigoyen are the members of the jury that evaluates the performance of 14 amateur pastry chefs, from different locations in Argentina, who compete in the reality show.

Once the participants entered the kitchen, set up in a tent, Paula Chaves introduced the three members of the jury. It is worth clarifying that Dolli Irigoyen is a new addition to Bake Off.

“It is a pleasure, a privilege and I am very happy to be here,” said the specialist. “We want to see his soul, his essence, in each of the preparations that they present to us,” he told the competitors.

The host presented them with the challenge they would have to face on the night of the debut: to make a cake “that is a passage to their place in the world, that represents a place where they are or were happy.” As a requirement, the dish should have a “sponge cake flavor and a filling”.

Hands on, pastry chefs

The judges and Paula Chaves went through the stations to find out what each of the participants was preparing. There were those who made a cake that they used to eat with their family on the beach. Another, the one he enjoyed at his grandmother’s house.

A young man whose mother does not know how to cook, he said, set out to make a recipe that reminds him of his town in the province of Buenos Aires. One girl decided “to model my little dogs, because they are my happy place,” she explained. A taxi driver worked with a wine from his city: Berisso.

The time, of course, was running, because the rules of reality force to work against the clock. “An hour has passed. We have an hour and a half left,” Paula Chaves warned the competitors while they were in full swing and with the nerves involved in presenting their first course. When he told them: “There are only ten minutes left”, anxiety settled in the kitchen.

The jury’s tasting

The first to appear before the jury for the tasting of his cake was Facundo. He made an orange cake with reference to the beach, summer, swimming. The young man who is a swimmer and assured that he has won many medals in that discipline. “It’s a very good first try,” Dolli assessed.

Then it was Gisela’s turn, who made a carrot cake. Pamela indicated that “there was a lack of neatness in the decoration.” Dolli noted that she was “a little caked.”

Gino made a lemon sponge cake filled with red berry compote and lemon cream. Dolli claimed that “this cake is on the work plate, it is not presented.” “Dolli’s challenge kills me,” he confessed to Bake Off’s camera.

Ximena played with a cake “inspired by my dogs, which are my babies.” The jurors criticized him that “the cake is caked.”

Emiliano made a cake inspired by “my great-grandmother’s house.” “It is very beautiful. There is a balance between the inside and the outside. You can taste the lemon, but I would have put a double filling in it,” observed Pamela. “She is rich and beautiful,” Dolli acknowledged, and Emiliano began to cry with emotion.

Belén clarified: “I wanted to represent the Polvorines station, which is the city where I live, but it got complicated for me.” “The presentation on this plate is not appropriate, but the interior is rich,” said Dolli. In the same vein, Pamela expressed herself.

Hernán made a dark chocolate sponge cake and tried to synthesize his profession as an architect with pastry. He received great congratulations from the jury.

Paula explained: “Mine is a childhood memory. When I was a girl, I put all dulce de leche. I put coffee, which is what I now drink in the morning. And the constant in my life is chocolate.” Faced with criticism, she said: “I’m happy, because everything they told me, I took it.”

Carlos is from Tierra del Fuego and he wanted to pay tribute to the oldest house in his town. He made apple sponge cake with cheese filling. The main defect of his cake, according to Betular, was that it was missing apple.

Silvina, who is the wife of soccer player Gabriel Milito, presented her cake and received important compliments. “It is impeccable”, was the return of Betular. “I can’t believe it, I feel great emotion,” she replied. “It’s perfect,” Dolli agreed.

GianLucca bet on a pudding that evoked the beach. Pamela pointed out that “something is missing.” “Put all the flavor of your personality on the cake next time,” Betular suggested.

Celeste cooked a cake “inspired by my son Felipe, who is my place in the world, and is inspired by the beach, which is our place in the world.” “The decoration is achieved”, considered Dolli Irigoyen, “but the filling disappeared”. And he complained that he had grated beets on the cake to give his son vegetables.

Gabriel raised a tribute to Berisso, the city where he has lived for 25 years, he said. “There is something that is not working, it is not rich,” Betular pointed out. Pamela said that “there were some things achieved and others halfway there.”

Kalia presented a vanilla cake filled with Chantilly cream. His preparation generally satisfied the jury.

The pastry chef of the day

Then the jury had to decide who was “the pastry chef of the day.” The winner would get an extra five minutes for Sunday’s test.

The two final options that Damián Betular, Dolli Irigoyen and Pamela Villar considered were Hernán and Silvina. The chosen one was Hernán, a 35-year-old architect.

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