Silvia Abril and Toni Acosta: "By laughing at ourselves we allow ourselves to do everything"

Silvia Abril and Toni Acosta return to the new waves. This Thursday, September 16, they launch the third season of their irreverent podcast now renamed as ‘Those of the group’. Produced by El Terrat, his most personal project is broadcast weekly exclusively on the audio platform Podimo. ‘El Grupo’ (in SER), the old name, reached nearly 2.5 million views in its video and audio versions in its first two editions.

And to celebrate their great return we have had the opportunity to chat with them to find out more about their space. Both, who reveal that they have not been friends for a long time, but are now essential for each other, invite everyone to connect with their show: “We got together to talk about different, disparate and unfiltered topics. A conversation about content that is generated during the week in the Telegram group that we have, in which there are already more than 7,000 people “.

Toni Acosta and Silvia Abril. (Podimo)

Without major changes in the format, believing that the essence is what makes it great, they resume the broadcasts with the public and warn of possible trips to record them in various parts of Spain. When asked how the project was born, Toni tells that it was Buenafuente’s thing: “It occurred to Andreu. We wanted to create a project, but it comes in handy when someone who sees you from the outside generates it. Doing radio makes me happy. ”

Silvia Abril: “Whoever itches, let him scratch, but I don’t want to feel self-conscious”

After ensuring that there is no script and that they really say everything that comes to mind, Silvia talks about the limits of comedy in general: “We are in a time when it seems that the skin is a little thinner, but we have not been influenced too much to do the program. We feel very free, nobody has come to say anything to us and we push forward a little without taking that into account. It is also that we have a way of making humor … we are not going to mess with what things because we may not even be interested. Toni sometimes tells me if I have the goal of always missing a group in each program and I tell him that I am doing humor. Whoever itches, let them scratch, but I don’t want to feel self-conscious. It is always from affection, respect, laughter and above all from self-parody. First we laugh at ourselves and then we allow ourselves to laugh at everything and everyone. ”

Complete interview with Silvia Abril and Toni Acosta

Acosta offers his opinion: “I do have a series of limits with humor, but what I don’t like I don’t consume, I don’t go and tell whoever does it not to do it because in the end we’ll end up with the fact that you can’t laugh at any. I have had many comings and goings with this issue and I defend freedom. “

During the Interview they also review their current projects: from the official non-confirmation of Silvia as the presenter of the second edition of ‘Lol: if you laugh, you lose’ on Amazon Prime Video or her new series’ Señor, give me patciencia ‘, to the balance of Toni with’ Señoras del (h) AMPA ‘on Telecinco. They also comment on the possibility of the return of his mythical works, in the case of Acosta, ‘Police: in the heart of the street’, his first great series and, with Abril, ‘the Shrek girl’, his beloved character in Buenafuente. And speaking of precisely Andreu, his wife is produced before the rumors of his end in Movistar +: “I know everything, but I will not say anything.”

What is Podimo?

Founded in 2019, Podimo is an audio content streaming platform (podcasts, audiobooks, audio series, audio shorts, etc.) of Danish origin that was born with the vocation of 5 entrepreneurs, Morten Strunge, Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, Andreas Sachse and Eva Lægdsgaard, to offer podcast creators a unique ecosystem in the have a model of fair and equitable income sharing, and a transparency that until now was not the norm in the sector.

Since Podimo’s arrival on the Spanish-language market in June 2020, this platform has already invested more than 1,200,000 euros in financing nearly 150 original podcast programs in Spanish.

It is currently operating in Denmark, Germany, Spain and 20 Latin American countries. Podimo has more than 80 employees spread over Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mexico City, London, Amsterdam and Vilnius.

The subscription in Spain is 3.99 euros per month with a free 14-day trial.

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