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  • Serkan discovers that Eda has not risked drinking the coffee

  • Eda tries to keep Serkan away and assures that in two days he will leave

  • From Monday to Friday at 5:45 p.m., Eda and Serkan are waiting for you at Divinity

After Eda discovered Serkan’s intentions with the cup of love that she herself gave him, the businessman tries to find out what has happened and why the cup has not turned red just as expected. In the next chapter of ‘Love is in the air’, he will get closer to Eda and it will not take long to find out what has happened. The businessman unmasks Eda and discover her feelings by seeing her nervousness. “I suppose it must have been mixed with water because it was very hot or Melo will have drunk water when I have finished it.”

Aware that Serkan is achieving his goal and that she’s letting her guard down, Eda will try to push her away again. “If you want to leave me as a liar by bringing me this mug and waiting for it to turn red, you are very wrong. That is not going to happen. I don’t want you in my house. It is clear. I count the minutes. When the term is up you will leave immediately, “he will tell Serkan, who is not so clear that this is going to happen.

Secondly, Mrs. Deniz’s anger towards Eda continues to grow. The hotel owner can’t stand the success of Serkan’s ex and she won’t bear to hear that everyone admires her. “They are planning to organize tours with the university because this garden is the work of Miss Eda and everyone wants to see it. Her garden is very valuable because it is the work of a world famous landscaper. Although she has not been able to finish the garden, what a pity “, Pina will tell Deniz. What will the owner of the hotel do?

Serkan, Eda’s weakness

However, despite her intentions to drive him away and force him to return to Istanbul, Serkan is increasingly close to her, who knows that if things continue like this, she will end up falling for the charms of her ex, who has already moved her Eda’s home office. “You have to leave my house because it confuses me and unbalances me. I really want to jump on him and kiss him “, he tells Melo, whom he asks not to be conquered by him, because if he falls, then he will conquer her.

Eda y Melo, en ‘Love is in the air’

Serkan’s promise

Serkan has chosen to ignore all of Eda’s attempts to push him away and is determined to show him that he has changed. “I am here, we will share the responsibility and from now on you will dedicate yourself to jobs that are up to you,” says Serkan, who continues to fulfill his promise. “I told you that I would bring you a rose until you forgive me.”

Serkan, en ‘Love is in the air’

Eda and Serkan’s love story, every afternoon at Divinity

Eda and Serkan are living together! The love story of the protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’ could take a totally unexpected turn now that the couple are living under the same roof. Memories can rekindle your love and Eda could let her guard down. What will happen? If you want to find out what will happen between Eda and Serkan from now on, you cannot miss your appointment with them. Monday through Friday at 5:45 p.m., at Divinity.

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