Sandra Barneda, on Christofer's traumatic return for money?  to 'The Last Temptation': "What they live is not paid"

Return to the place that changed the course of their romantic lives to face an experience different from the one they lived at the time and answer the following question: did they make the right decision? Five couples, made up of protagonists of the three successful editions of The island of temptations and their current partners, will submit from this Wednesday, September 15 on Telecinco to The last temptation title of the first international sequel of the format Temptation Island developed by Mediaset Espaa in collaboration with C Quartz Productions (Banijay Iberia).

Five couples -Fani and Christofer, Lester and Patri, Isaac and Luca, Andrea and Roberto and Mayka and Alejandro- will live separately an experience that will surprise them from the beginning: five of them will live in Villa Playa with former participants with whom they have unfinished business , while their partners will stay at Villa Luna with the uncertainty of what they will see in the ‘dreaded’ bonfires.

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The experience in the Dominican Republic will be offered in scoop on MitelePlus 24 hours before the broadcast of each delivery, at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday on Telecinco. In addition, Sandra Barneda will also be in charge of The temptations debate, in which a team of collaborators and experts will analyze live what is happening with the protagonists with extensive indite content. This broadcast has been announced for Monday night, also at 10 pm on Telecinco.

This Tuesday, during the presentation of the format to the media that he attended ECOTEUVE.ES, Juan Ramn Gonzalo has assured that the protagonists have delivered “at 1000 by 1000”, since “they signed up without knowing what they were going for and what the format was.” “They have forced us to adapt from day to day to the format, correcting errors. You will see that each day the format changes and adapts to what is happening. The team has had to make an extra effort depending on what we found. The result is a real bomb. They have surrendered. We are going to see their life, their emotions, their passions … It is a real program “, has warned the head of Quartz Productions.

Barneda: “The island changed everyone’s life, returning is a shock with the past”

Throughout the edition, which will have a duration similar to that of the first two installments of the reality show, there will be a series of twists “that have surprised us all.” “What has happened is that the effect of returning to the island, emotionally for them, is tremendous. The island has changed everyone’s life and returning there is a shock with their past and everything they lived there. I was surprised by how many they open up and what they tell you “, assesses Sandra Barneda, recognizing that, having already met them, she has managed to” guide them so that they let go of what they had to let go of. “

The presenter has given a clue in addition to the plots that will be seen during The last temptation: “There are contestants from different editions and the surprise is that we are unaware of plots that exist between them despite being in different editions. That is why the dynamics had to be changed,” adds the Catalan, who as they have advanced, ” he will get excited again, have a bad time of it again and give some other zasca in the ceremonies of the program “. “There is someone who moved me a lot. He gave a speech that, when you see him, you will know who I am talking about. He spoke of learning, that in life we ​​are to grow. The change he gave I thanked him,” says Sandra.

Barneda’s plea against homophobia: “Nobody deserves to go out and be afraid”

During his intervention, Barneda has had the opportunity to analyze if reality tells stories that are seen every day in the ‘real world’: “The island of temptations and The last temptation they are a reflection of a reality that we dare not tell. I do not know the percentage of infidelity, but the intensity of love cannot be quantified, “he stated before giving his opinion on the reasons why participants like Christopher have decided to return despite how bad they had it in its edition. Is it a question of money?

“Sometimes, you have to get through traumatic moments in the past and the only way is to get on your head. I think they decide to do it. I won’t say how the experience turns out but I think it’s important. It’s like when someone calls an ex after three years. and they feel ridiculous from the outside, but you need to know. The money? What they live is not often paid for with money “, has valued the journalist, who did not want to miss the opportunity to launch a serious allegation against homophobia after the increase in aggressions against the LGTBIQ + group that has been experienced during the last year.

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“I advocate for a tolerant, plural, rich world … This chain also has that philosophy and we must row in favor so that aggressions and hate crimes do not rise. It is something of an overwhelming logic but we must continue saying it. Hopefully one day we don’t have to say it. It’s essential for us to be a free and rich society. Nobody deserves to go out on the street and feel afraid. Nobody. We all have to row there, but all of us. There is no doubt. He does not want to row, he will not understand it, “he declared.

This is the Circle of Fire, the great novelty in ‘The Last Temptation’

Fani and Christofer, Lester and Patri, Isaac and Luca, Andrea and her current partner, Roberto, and Mayka and her new love, Alejandro, have returned to the Dominican Republic to test the strength and solidity of their relationships through a dynamics that will surprise you from the moment that Sandra Barneda, presenter of the space, receives you in the Caribbean country.

They will have to live the experience separately: five of them, in shared dormitories with former participants of the format with which they have pending accounts; and their partners, in Villa Luna, with the ‘privilege’ of being able to see and hear what happens in Villa Playa at the ‘dreaded’ bonfires.

The last temptation introduce more novelties in the daily life of its protagonists: from the ‘Fire Circles’, face-to-face encounters in which in a limited time they will have to make important decisions about their future, a new ‘Light of Temptation’ and games that promise to bring out your emotions and feelings.

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