Reinventing your breakfast: your tailor-made menu

It would be necessary to eat well in the morning on pain of gaining weight or, on the contrary, skipping breakfast to lengthen the benefits of night fasting; fill up on animal protein or, conversely, eat only fruit; drink lemon juice every morning, accumulate energy with cereals… What is in fact the ideal breakfast? For Dr Jean-Christophe Charrié, co-author of Treat yourself naturally all year round (Prat), it depends on your functioning because, in order to wake up from sleep and wake up, our parasympathetic nervous system must pass the baton to the alpha-sympathetic (which belongs to the sympathetic system). This is done in a more or less delicate way according to each one, here are his advices to find his ideal breakfast.

Not in the morning? Eat light!

If you wake up taking a long time to emerge, feeling nauseous and unable to answer a word, this indicates a strong parasympathetic, that is to say a predominance of the vegetative nervous system (the one that governs the digestive system).


You are not hungry ? Instead of skipping breakfast, push it back and start by drinking a glass of hot water to wake you up.

A hot lemon also occasionally wakes up your body, limiting the feeling of nausea and opening the appetite (not more than two or three times a week, as lemon, in excess, demineralizes). On a daily basis, thyme tea turns out to be your ally to get you started.

Then you need a light, easy-to-digest breakfast. Give up industrial cereals, your worst enemies, which keep you in lethargy! Opt for fruit and / or some almonds or hazelnuts; and / or slow sugars such as raw butter toast without jam with organic sourdough bread and millstone flour, or even organic unsweetened whole grains (corn flakes, spelled, oatmeal, etc.) with a little vegetable milk.

Barely up, already dressed? Fill up on energy!


If you operate at full speed as soon as you wake up, this is a sign of a strong alpha-sympathetic, the nervous system in charge of tensioning the body.

♦ Avoid orange juice, tea and coffee. This advice is also valid for everyone, especially in the morning. Theine and caffeine “wring out” your gall bladder, which empties, amputating your bile reserve to properly digest your midday meal. Instead, bet on a rosemary tea (or, if you are irritable, passionflower or lemon balm), or a bowl of vegetable milk with 100% pure cocoa (with possibly a little agave syrup).

♦ So as not to burn your beautiful energy too quickly and avoid the mid-morning slump, you need a rich breakfast : stock up on protein (eggs, bacon, goat or sheep cheese, etc.). The eggs must be organic and open-air (small producer, Nature et Progrès, Libre course, Bleu-Blanc-Cœur, or the Colombus brand). Be careful, mixing fruit and animal protein would be totally indigestible.

Lili Barbery-Coulon: “how I came to terms with food”

“Rethinking breakfast as a party helped me find my figure: I came to terms with the food and my weight was regulated. I no longer wanted to save the flavor in favor of the result. I tried to vary my breakfasts – boiled eggs, pancakes, fruit bowls… – then to aestheticize them. Make this first meal a space of freedom, compose my plate like a painting, with flowers, a pretty fabric, a different cut of fruit, it’s a way to come to terms with your body and to bring awareness to it. that I eat. With these breakfasts, my day is really different. ”

Lili Barbery-Coulon is the author of the book Pimp My Breakfast (Marabout) and the eponymous blog.

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