Queen Letizia and the maturity of the 49

Youth is overrated. I know this is a sentence passed by reasonably satisfied old men. But don’t tell me it doesn’t marry well in the case of Doña Letizia, infinitely more royal on this 49th birthday than on the 39th – worth mentioning that distant eve of the change in the political cycle at the end of 2011 in Spain, in which the still princess stepped on palace carpet with both care and energy. And let’s not say anything about her 29, when the restless journalist, the “heavy Ortiz” who harassed questions -as she has told when she was named an honor student of the Complutense-, had not even met her prince and was light years away to embrace the monarchy.

Time has been good to the consort. Or rather, you have rewarded your own efforts. And not so much for its appearance, that too. There is no more than pulling the photo library to appreciate, in addition to the discipline and physical care, a calmer clothing and a less tense face. The recent summer image of a queen in espadrilles, happily and indiscriminately surpassed by the height of her daughters, makes the change explicit. Getting smaller, like taking a step back, is a sign of maturity.

The Queen, with her daughters in Mallorca. (LP)

The harmony that the royal family now transmits has little to do with that of the scuffle of three and a half years ago at the gates of the Cathedral of Palma. Away-abruptly- the regal and troublesome grandfather, and subdued doña Sofía By controlling the very few and friendly appearances with her granddaughters, the Queen has won her particular game.

But I would say that it is in the education of his daughters where Doña Letizia has found a channel for her strong personality, which in any case, and in institutional terms, constitutes its true function and its most apparent success. Not surprisingly, he has displayed his criticized control over girls, his food dictatorship, his hyper-protection of the media and the petty-bourgeois formation of the heir to the throne. Little has revealed the current informational shield of Zarzuela on the personality of the monarch’s daughters, but today it can be said that the teenage royals meet the best cultural, social and protocol expectations.

With Leonor out of Spain, the Queen has completed her most difficult stage. From now on, and even more from the day the heir swears to the Constitution, in just three years, Letizia’s entire job will be to ensure that her daughter occupies her own place of representation … until the moment of succession. It is the being of the monarchies.

It’s because of that job in addition to that perennial vocation to be up to date with everything -no awards a literary award that has not read or undertakes a cause of solidarity without knowing the beneficiaries-, so it seems particularly unfair that, when I google ‘queen’, only Isabel II appears on the network, and that when I write Letizia , only their outfits appear. Letizia is still that questioning and “heavy” student, but maturity has led her, in the run-up to 50, to “try to do things well in the right place”.

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