Patrick (Koh-Lanta All Stars 2021) eliminated: "I only wanted one thing, to go home ..." (EXCLUDED)

He was a season 9 finalist in 2009, a member of the final jury of Heroes’ Revenge in 2012 … Patrick is in the cast of Koh-Lanta, The Legend, the All Stars edition to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of TF1’s survival game. After a first elimination in the council, the adventurer known for his strategic side joined the island of the banished where he faced Karima, Ugo and Cindy. Sadly he lost and had to quit definitely Koh-Lanta. For, Patrick talks about his journey.

You are first eliminated from the board … What is going on in your head at that moment?

I only wanted one thing, to go home. I just told myself that I was the weakest and so I thought: “I can’t wait to go home!” If I was eliminated, there is a reason.

You seem surprised by the votes of certain comrades against you … Why?

What matters most is that Laurent, Claude and Teheiura did not vote against me. I’m very happy with that, they are the three iconic adventurers for me so it made me very happy.

Does your proposal for an alliance with Maxime have a place in your elimination, according to you?

He was at the bottom of the abyss, he was circling around the island … I told him that to cheer him up, to comfort him. Personally, I didn’t care, I wanted to eliminate him. I would never have gone to the end of this alliance, I would never have put a real strategy in place. But I didn’t think he was going to tell the others about it. I have nothing against him today, nor against Clémence who could have made the decision to save me.

What do you say to yourself when you discover the possibility of joining the island of the banished?

In the episode, we see that I run directly. But in fact, I was hesitant. I wanted to go out. I was eliminated without scandal, without mess. Denis Brogniart put out my torch and I kept smiling. So I wanted to go home. But somewhere, I wanted to find out what was on the other side. It was really out of curiosity that I joined the island of the banished.

Your strategic side quickly took over the camp. You attempt an alliance, you let believe that you have found an immunity necklace …

This assumed strategic side has caused me harm. Arriving on the island of the banished, Karima already had a particular image of me. I’m the one to beware of, who can do it backwards. And apparently, on the girls’ side, my name came out a lot. And finally, when I met everyone in Paris, the feeling went well and it was my funny and sympathetic side that came out.

What did you think when you discovered the cast?

I said to myself: “Oh yes, it’s not bad!” I knew there would be Claude, I knew Coumba. And then I wanted to discover Candice and Jade. But when I heard that the men and women would be separated, I told myself it didn’t smell good.

Why ?

Adventurers know each other well, are friends, spend evenings together all year round … They will not eliminate each other. Among the men, there were three intruders: Maxime, Ugo and me. I saw it right away. But I thought to myself that maybe I had a chance when Claude mentioned the importance of performance on the obstacle course. I gave it my all, I came in fourth. I showed that I was there and it is a great pride!

Why did you agree to take up the challenge once again?

I told myself in 2012 that I won’t do it again Koh-Lanta. But when the production called me nine years later for the 20th anniversary … I was chosen among big heads, so I wanted to believe it. If it had been an All Stars, I might have refused. Corn The legend, no. I was also physically and mentally ready, so I went for it.

What has changed between your participations in 2009, in 2012 and then in 2021?

In my life nothing has changed. This time, I prepared myself a little more physically. And above all, I took a waterproof backpack with me (laughs). People recognize me and it’s nice. Also, compared to my last two participations, there are a lot less hateful people.

Your wife Valérie rightly mentioned “threatening letters” and other criticisms …

There are always people who get angry for nothing. My relatives, whether my family or my friends, know how I am. I haven’t changed, I am the same. And then you have to say to yourself that sometimes it’s 8 or 10 year old kids who don’t know anything about it who write bullshit. Some say that I have no place in this adventure, I want to tell them that it is the production that decides.

Your predictions for the winner of this special edition?

I appreciated Laurent, I adore him. And as a girl, I love Jade. Claude and Teheiura also deserve to win. And if there had been Freddy, I would have included him!

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