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It is no secret that although Osmel Sousa is no longer part of the new concept of Nuestra Belleza Latina, it is precisely now that he wants to fight against stereotypes, which takes the program away from this image of “ perfect woman ”that Cubans have always sought and by promoting, the queen coach has become the most famous character of this competition.

But beyond the grace with which many viewers received his scathing comments, Osmel also deserved rejection from those who viewed his phrases towards girls trying to enter the competition as offensive.

And despite the fact that for more than 10 years the so-called beauty czar did not stop throwing all kinds of phrases, which, according to himself he confessed a few years ago, followed the script of the character as the competition itself created for him, painting him as a relentless “ogre”, some of his words eventually became famous.

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Osmel is no longer close to the mansion of beauty, but on YouTube we were able to find several of the phrases that have come out of the mouths of Cuban-Venezuelans since 2007, when Nuestra Belleza Latina started, which continue to be heard in this day. .

For some Osmel, who openly said that he didn’t like fat women, that he didn’t believe in inner beauty, that attitude kills little faces, and that a queen’s body is made with aesthetic aids if necessary, he was a man who bordered on cruelty and offense, for others it was synonymous with frankness.

No matter what vision every viewer receives from Osmel’s phrases, these pearls still resonate among those who saw him as an entertaining man, but perhaps something to be forgotten among the many young women he made to cry with. her comments, when they tried to become queens.

Here is an account of Osmel’s phrases: some controversial, some funny, and some just hard to put into any category. Read and listen to them in these videos and let us know what you think of their particular comments.

“If fat were gold, you would already be a billionaire”

“You have a beautiful mouth but you see that you use it a lot”

“We are looking for the queen of Our Beauty, not the queen of our hamburger”

“You are beautiful, sign here”

“I don’t like fat girls. Fat women are only loved by the mother “

“You don’t have curves but mountains. You are obese ”

“Door, beauty and elegance… the rest is fixed along the way”

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“Go behind the wall so as not to see you anymore”

“You have a lot of talent… but to work in a circus”

“I always see so many beautiful women and they punish me by showing me that”

“Inner beauty does not exist, otherwise we would be looking for guts and livers”

“I don’t care who they put me on the jury, because here the only one who knows beauty is me”

“I’m already depressed (seeing this), another pill”

The most famous quotes from Osmel Sousa to Nuestra Belleza LatinaThe most famous quotes from Osmel Sousa to Nuestra Belleza Latina

Osmel Sousa’s most famous quotes in Nuestra Belleza Latina

“They should go to Broadway, but hand out little papers”

“I felt like you were the Hulk, I just think he looked prettier.”

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“You don’t agree with our decisions, what a pity”

“The chickens and the cows were more localized than these girls”

“You’re in the danger zone, even the chick doesn’t save them.”

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“A queen behaves like a queen, even milking a cow”

“This is not a casting for Animal Planet”

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