New iPhone 13 is official: few news for a year of transition

As planned, Apple has used today’s event to introduce the new iPhone 13, another generation of the smartphone that has taken it where it is.

It is an expected launch, like all Apple ones, but not revolutionary; but that is something that we already know thanks to the rumors that have been published throughout the year. In fact, the biggest surprise is that many of those predictions, such as satellite connectivity, eventually have not been fulfilled, and the iPhone 13 is even closer to the iPhone 12 than expected.

That does not mean that there are no news, but they all consist of improving what is present. In the case of the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini, these improvements focus on two new sensors for the rear cameras, both 12 megapixels; The main camera has Optical Image Stabilization technology, and works best in low-light situations thanks to its larger aperture.

But otherwise, the only palpable difference is the new processor, the A15 Bionic; But even that revelation has been somewhat mild, as Apple has avoided comparing it to the iPhone 12’s A14, preferring to compare its figures with mysterious competitors. Yes, the A15 Bionic will probably be very powerful, but as Apple itself confesses, the A14 already was; It is not a big change or motivation to spend the same for a new iPhone 13, although, at least, the rumor that they were going to go up in price has not been confirmed either.

The screen houses more novelties but, disappointingly, it does not adapt the ProMotion technology of the Pro models; therefore, it remains at 60 Hz, when all the Android competition for the same price offers 90 Hz or 120 Hz. At least, the screen is brighter, and the ‘notch’ or notch is smaller; although again, it is still remarkable and has not disappeared far from it.

The improvements in the battery appear to be more notable, thanks to a new internal design that has allowed bigger batteries on all devices. And it is to be hoped that it will continue to be the reference in power, photography and video; On the latter, the new kinematic mode stands out, which adds an automatic depth effect depending on factors such as the position of the subject, if their eyes are visible to the camera or if another subject enters the scene. All this is done in real time, demonstrating the power of the processor.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini probably won’t convince those who already have an iPhone 12; But those little improvements may be what convince those who didn’t make the leap. The iPhone 13 Mini will be available for 809 euros, and the iPhone 13, for 909 euros, with the reservation period starting this September 17, and available from September 24.

History repeats itself with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Yes, they are the most powerful and complete mobiles in the history of Apple, but what else did we expect?

At least, its list of novelties is a bit longer, and those of the cheaper models must be added more interesting ones, such as the new display at 120 Hz; although technically, we can say that it is a screen from 10 Hz to 120 Hz. We have already seen many mobiles with fast screens, but the key to Apple’s technology is that it works intelligently so as not to waste the entire battery moving anything; if it shows a static image, the screen will brake automatically, and if we move the interface, it will instantly switch to full speed.

The iPhone 13 Pro are also planted like the best mobiles to record video, including the cinema mode that adds depth of field automatically, allowing us to change the focus after recording. In photography, the new sensors are the largest ever used by Apple, and that will translate into better low-light photos, as well as new macro photos using the wide angle instead of dedicating a specific lens.

The iPhone 13 Pro will cost 1,159 euros and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, 1,259 euros, available for reservation from September 17 and on sale on September 24.

Last week, a leak revealed the possible design of the iPhone 14. And if we trust that (something that not everyone will do after today’s fiascos), this will probably be a transitional year, in which Apple will gain strength. for a future revolution.

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