MP that changes the Marco Civil on the internet leaves the door open to lies and insults

Even Augusto Aras, always a good friend of the federal government, recommended to the Supreme Court the suspension of the provisional measure edited by Jair Bolsonaro

UnslashProvisional measure makes it difficult for social networks to delete content on their platforms

Will this conversation end this Tuesday, 14. No one knows for sure, It’s more of a problem, a provocation, that starts to drag on. It could not go unnoticed as was first thought. THE provisional measure of Bolsonaro that alters the Civil Law of the Internet, in the end, represents an accident. Poor ruler who thinks that the people are just a character in this scenario of excesses, in which each one does what he/she wants and everything is left at that. The opposition decided to trigger the Federal Supreme Court (STF) against Bolsonaro’s MP, which turns the internet into a no man’s land, where the most indecorous lies and the most infamous insults can parade.

This Monday, the 13th, the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, surprisingly asked for the suspension of the MP. What is surprising about this? It’s just that Aras is a great friend of the government and hardly makes a decision that might go against the president. Quite the opposite. But this time, Aras asked the STF to suspend the effects of the MP that is in effect, making it difficult for social networks to delete content considered offensive and lying. In other words, the Bolsonaro MP, as it stands, is a factory of fake news and hate speech. It is worth remembering that a Provisional Measure needs to be approved by Congress to remain valid, but it enters into force as soon as it is edited by the President of the Republic.

The bad language says that the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM), will return the MP to President Bolsonaro, but he has been avoiding this embarrassment. The senators analyzed the MP and saw it as an unconstitutional document, which gives full freedom to delinquents on social networks. They will be able to write what they want, without fear of anything. But Pacheco is actually afraid of Bolsonaro, to whom he tends to offer delicate gestures. To return an MP to a President of the Republic, it is necessary to have full freedom in the function that he exercises. It takes courage, which he doesn’t have.

A front formed by opponents of the government made a request to Pacheco that the Provisional Measure be revoked. The president of the Senate is still in doubt, studying the proposal to return the MP to Bolsonaro, which would represent a striking defeat for the president of the Republic. The text was signed by Bolsonaro on the eve of the 7th of September, in an avowed nod to the Pocketnarista digital militancy. To avoid all this discussion, the president simply asks the MP for further discussion on the subject. But Bolsonaro would never do that. For him, attitudes like this are impossible, because they can represent a weakness.

The President of the Republic thinks he can do anything, but he cannot. We do not live, yet, in a dictatorship (which they are trying to bring back). Senator Alexandre Vieira (Citizenship) filed a security mandate with the STF asking for the suspension of the MP, considered a free pass to the militancy of the pocketbook. In action, he notes that Bolsonaro’s MP does not meet the criteria of relevance that represent the urgent need to issue a Provisional Measure. He says that the MP represents an act of absolute gravity for the moment in which the country lives. And worst of all: it was signed exactly on the eve of September 7th for militancy to be free on social networks. The MP, which is in force, allows the dissemination of false news against the democracy that still resists in Brazil, despite the daily attacks. But the main objective of this “freedom” to lie and invent what you want has 2022 as its main objective. The senator assures that the propagation of anti-democratic content also implies a veiled request for military intervention and even threats of physical aggression to public authorities, especially Supreme Court ministers. He affirms that the internet and social networks cannot be tolerated to become a free field for members of any of the three Powers of the Republic, especially the Judiciary, to feel threatened.

Already the PSD filed a direct action of unconstitutionality asking for the suspension of the MP. The party notes that Bolsonaro’s MP makes it difficult to moderate content on social media, which means a great victory for those who defend censorship in the country. The MP that changes the Marco Civil on the Internet advocates the use of any content against anyone, leaving the door open for insults and lies of all kinds, against everything, against everyone. In other words, all of this is already in place. The MP has 120 days to be judged in Congress. If not, it loses its validity. Parliamentarians said that, with this measure, Bolsonaro bets on chaos in the democratic and institutional scenario. This provisional measure is part of this uninterrupted contempt, always starting from those who should offer peace to a country that is always stumbled.

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