Miguel Torrén spoke after the murder of three of his brothers: "You can no longer live in Rosario"

Miguel Torrén’s is a life marked by tragedy. When he was just two months old, his mother died of electrocution. Since then he suffered his absence while his father was left alone with six children, he being the youngest, and he did what he could. He was a boy when he played barefoot in a plaza in Venezuela, when a man noticed his talent and offered to try out at a club, which saved his life. His brothers remained in Rosario and three of them died between 2010 and 2021 in circumstances related to the violence.

You can’t live there anymore, ”says the Argentinos defender, who confesses all that he had to mature and improve in his personality, usually irascible, to stop losing ground in professionalism. His time of youth teams with Di María, Banega and so many more. The resounding change he made in his diet and in his family, that oasis in the middle of the desert.

“Football is my ground wire, I’m having a difficult time, all the memories of my other family members come to my mind, but life goes on. I have my wife and my children who give me the strength to continue, if I were alone I think I would make other decisions, but I know that I have to show my children that we should not lower our arms, that we have to draw strength and move on ” said Torrén in a deep and crude interview he gave to the newspaper Olé.

-They are very hard blows, I had already touched with other brothers … It is my family, even though I am far away now, things shock you. We had a very difficult childhood, when I was two months old my mother caught power with a floor fan and died. My old man had to raise us when we were six, he would break his back while working and then each one grows, he chooses how to live, what he wants to do with his life and his future ”.

– “Thank God, I came across a very good family that helped me to get out of the difficult situation that I was going through, football helped me to get out of a complicated neighborhood, there in Rosario it is increasingly complicated. I was able to progress, build my own family, with my wife and my three children, and I have to show them that they are obstacles, that I do not wish them on anyone, but that they can go through similar situations and you have to cling to the family and take forces from wherever … “

– “The Velázquez family saved me. If it hadn’t been for them, I would have been raised on the street and my life would have been totally different. They taught me respect, humility, what was right, what path to take … “

– “I started playing in Venezuela, the neighborhood club, and the man had his club, I remember that he walked everywhere with a truck looking at boys to take them to his club. He found me playing in the square, barefoot, I was walking like this. He saw me conditions and spoke with my old man and signed me to his club, Itatí. I started by staying at their house on weekends and, a few months later, I directly went to live with them. I was there for about six years, they taught me many things, I went to school … “

– “I keep in touch with them because I don’t forget who was in the worst moments, or where I left, because tomorrow is with the people you can count on and the place you can return to. I cling a lot to that, to my family and true friends, those who are in the worst moments ”.

– “This family, that whenever I can I go to visit them; those from Bella Vista, the mother of my best friend, the Alfonso de Pasco and Lima family, another family that took me when we went to play in Renato Cesarini, the Belén brothers (NdeR: children of the Witch, former player of Newell’s and Racing in the 50s and 60s)… I am always in contact with all of them, I bring them my t-shirts because I know it makes them happy. Many are sometimes forgotten, but not me ”.

– “I am not going to stay at home regretting myself, entering a depression well… Luckily at the club I have the support of my teammates, the coaching staff, the psychologist, Patricio, who is a phenomenon and helps me at all times. And not just me, huh? In the club we have many people from poor neighborhoods who sometimes have a hard time and he is constantly on top. I also try to help, to talk to them, to tell them what life is like because I grew up on the street and I know what the neighborhoods are like ”.

– “I don’t forget what I went through or what it cost me. Nobody gave me anything as a gift, it was all based on sacrifice and effort, when I didn’t have a way to go to train, I was walking, cycling or hitchhiking, but I was passionate about playing soccer. I did it every little time I had, in the plaza with my friends, at school with a ball of paper … All that had the reward of reaching First and today, when I look back, I start to think and I can’t believe it … ”

– “My three children play for Argentinos Juniors. Vladimir (16) plays 4 in Seventh; Santino (14), 7 in Octava and Angelo (10), 2 or 4, but he is still in Infantile. They are signed in AFA and in the League, they have already started to be called up and everything ”.

– “I have been at the club for 11 and a half years, I am happy to be in this institution because it has always given me a lot. I am very comfortable with how they treat me and for me it is a pride that, year after year, they want to continue counting on me. That means that I am doing my job well, and it is something that makes me very happy ”.

– “Before I was injured a lot because I ate badly, let’s say I didn’t eat what a professional player had to eat. When Bichi Borghi came, along with his teacher, they grabbed me aside and talked to me, they knew my conditions, but they told me I had to lose a little weight ”.

– “I stayed that way for a while, and then the Gringo (Heinze) arrived, a cute madman, who was very strict with the weight issue. They weighed us every day and charged us a fine if we were overweight … There I lost a lot and it has been five or six years that I have been supporting myself, I take care of myself a lot more, eat well, healthy … Obviously that is always allowed, we cannot live on vegetables either because afterwards you feel weak and when you have to mark a big man, he throws the shit out of you … “

– “I think that as the years go by you realize that if you don’t put the batteries in, you stay on the road… The older ones help you up to a certain point, because they talk to you once, twice, three times; but then it is in each one to want to improve. Before I was green, nobody would come close to me because they knew I had a very strong character, but when you get older you remember those messages they gave you. I was lucky to have fellow phenomena and it is something that today I try to emphasize to the little ones ”.

– “There is a great sacrifice, in many cases moving away from your family to fulfill the dream of reaching the First Division, and then you do not pay attention or it does not matter to you … That is why today I try to be an example, to show them that I let it pass, perhaps, five years for not being physically well, for not listening to the greatest and that played against me … “

– “In the Youth I played with Di María, with Chiquito Romero, with Éver Banega, with many who are today in Europe or in the Senior National Team and, I don’t like to be enlarged, but if I had put the batteries in, I think that I could have been close to playing there with them… But that’s it, better to realize it late than never, and today I am grateful to have a job and how happy I am in Argentinos ”.

– “Despite the very tough moment I’m going through, on Friday I joined the group, I’m training alongside my teammates and I want to play and defend the team from within on Wednesday against the Board of Trustees. Gaby knows it, she knows me, she knows that I am strong in the head and I am available. Decisions are made by the technicians and I always respect them, pushing forward from where I play, but I am here to play and it will depend on him … “

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