LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo scores, but United falls with ten

  1. 45+1′ – Yellow – Christian Fassnacht
  2. 37 ‘- Verv. Jadon Sancho by Diogo Dalot
  3. 35 ‘- Rood – Aaron Wan-Bissaka
  4. 13′ – Goal – Cristiano Ronaldo (0 – 1)

In group F of the Champions League, Manchester United bite the striker against Young Boys. Can Cristiano Ronaldo also find his way to goal in Bern? Follow the match here phase by phase.

  1. first half, minute 47 match over
  2. first half, minute 47. Half time. End of the first half. After 13 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo put Manchester United on roses, but the Portuguese and his mates face a difficult second half after Wan-Bissaka’s deserved red card. .
  3. Yellow card for Christian Fassnacht of BSC Young Boys during first half, minute 46
  4. first half, minute 45. It has now become a thankless task for Ronaldo. He floats around on an island and hardly gets any support. United is still shivering more or less towards the halftime signal.  .
  5. first half, minute 43. Young Boys Bern surround United’s sixteen. After a handball attack, Sierro’s shot was cracked.  .
  6. first half, minute 40. United feel wet and pull up the belt. Solskjaer has changed his chessboard, but it is already Swiss that matters. .
  7. first half, minute 38. Just wide! Young Boys Bern will benefit in no time. Fassnacht takes the bouncing ball full on his right in one time: it makes a difference of ten centimeters. United escape unscathed. .
  8. first half, minute 37. Substitution at Manchester United, Diogo Dalot in, Jadon Sancho out
  9. first half, minute 36. Red! The game picture can suddenly change completely. Wan-Bissaka plants his foot way too wildly on Martins’ ankle: one repetition is enough to conclude that red is more than justified. .
  10. Red card for Aaron Wan-Bissaka of Manchester United during the first half, minute 35
  11. first half, minute 35.
  12. first half, minute 33. Last year United did not survive the group stage. PSG, RB Leipzig and Basaksehir were too much of a good thing. In the end, it lost the final of its safety net, the Europa League. .
  13. first half, minute 31. Pogba calls for a foul, but catches blunt. Aebischer takes over and fires his flame over a meter.  .
  14. first half, minute 30. Wan-Bissaka paints the ball towards the far post. Ronaldo starts his jump, Von Ballmoos intercepts flawlessly.  .
  15. first half, minute 28. Ronaldo also fulfills his defensive duty and sends Sancho away, but he ends up crushing himself. .
  16. De Gea saves, United counters. There’s a nice wave in this match. De Gea doesn’t let himself be outdone by Fassnacht’s clashing shot, on the other side Von Ballmoos has to be on the alert right away on Ronaldo’s left.  . first half, minute 24.
  17. first half, minute 22. The Swiss supporters are making themselves heard, because Young Boys puts some pressure with, among other things, a corner. It gives the citizen courage. .
  18. first half, minute 19. It has been a cold shower for Young Boys Bern after all, which had not yet been embarrassed. The home team has not yet been able to straighten its back.  .
  19. first half, minute 16. The opener of this campaign is therefore in the name of Ronaldo, but Fernandes’ assist deserves the beauty prize of the evening. His effort was brilliant. They find each other blindly.  .
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