Koeman is in danger: the most vulgar Barcelona, ​​thrashed by Bayern (0-3)

Barcelona is still in nowhere. Bayern Munich’s win at the Camp Nou is a tough defeat due to the image of a coarse and fearful team. Before the game, inferiority was already assumed and they looked at the bench. It came from nowhere. To kick Messi out because he can’t pay him, to get rid of Griezmann because, according to Laporta, he doesn’t fit. To ask the captains for a significant effort to lower salaries, to sign a discarded Sevilla (Luuk de Jong) and also to stay with Koeman because there was no money to give him the settlement nor another candidate to the bench. There is a climate of cold war between Laporta and Koeman, a power struggle, in which the president suggests that it is necessary to recover the essence of the attractive game and to certain players (Riqui Puig, is a case.) Koeman responds, in the middle of communication from his country, that thanks to him Barcelona has a future. It may not be with him on the bench.

It is convenient to remember all this because the first game in the Champions League faced him, for more difficulties and morbidity, with Bayern Munich. The German team that crushed him with a 2-8 in Lisbon and accelerated the institutional tsunami. With all this, Koeman’s Barcelona came out with three centrals (Eric García, Piqué and Araujo), two side (Alba and Sergio Roberto), three midfielders (Busquets, Pedri and Frenkie de Jong) and two forwards (Memphis and Luke de Jong). The lineup and proposal was too defensive and this is what the job can cost Koeman. The Dutch coach claims his power and the president, although he says he maintains confidence, is a ‘Cruyffismo’ Taliban.


The season has just started, you have to perfect your automatisms and take flight. But Barcelona’s game against Bayern Munich is a warning. This team is not there to aspire to the Champions League. They came out strong, intense, with a spirit of collective sacrifice to be a rocky team. He did everything possible to make Bayern uncomfortable, to minimize damage and balance the game. But at the Camp Nou you cannot offer this vulgar image. It was a scared team.

Not a shot on goal

Barça failed to shoot at Neuer’s goal. The reason is very simple. He played with fear, stuck in his field, protected with the three centrals and without having control of the ball because there was no midfield. It was a too defensive, coarse team and this was seen by the almost 40,000 fans who attended the Camp Nou. The fans are patient, although a banner appeared in the stands that read: “Koeman out.” They don’t want to see that their Barcelona is a small team. They ask for rebellion.

The strenuous survival exercise lasted 33 minutes. From the opening whistle to this, Müller’s goal was dominated by the German team. And so it was the whole game. A German monologue. When he needed to step on the accelerator, the goals fell. Barcelona, ​​nothing at all. Without ideas. Powerless. With the sole idea of ​​launching a counterattack action with which to create danger. With Memphis and Luuk de Jong starting from midfield it was impossible to surprise. Too many meters to run for two forwards who are not explosive. Especially Luuk de Jong. Not a single individuality took the culé team out of the quagmire. Neither the centers lost to the area from Jordi Alba’s band found a finisher.

Müller’s goal came in an unfortunate play for Eric García. The shot, from outside the area and without opposition, hit the Barça central defender’s ass.. He deflected the ball and misled Ter Stegen. Somewhat avoidable if someone had closed, anticipated or blocked the launch. But by this time Barcelona was already overcome. Ter Stegen had taken out a goal ball with a good hand shot from Sané in the 18th minute. Piqué avoided both Musiala by throwing himself to the ground inside the small area. The Barça suffered a torment with little by a racano approach.

Photo: Aleksander Isak escapes from Eric García's entrance.  (Reuters)
Eric García: the prototype of a modern center-back that does everything … except defend

Albert ortega

The second part started the same. With dominance and depth of a Barcelona that played too far back. Sané was able to make the second in a combination with Lewandowski that Ter Stegen kicked out. It cannot be said that Bayern Munich was a roller. Yes you can say that Barcelona was a flan. An insecure team, delivered and without offensive game ideas.

Whistles on the changes

The second goal came. Another punishment to a nervous and cowardly team. Lewandowski took advantage of a rejection of a shot from She had to that hit the post. The Bayern striker finished alone. There was no tension in the defense. The first whistles of the stands appeared. They did not hesitate long because the fans have suffered a lot and do not want to do more firewood. Koeman’s reaction was to remove Busquets and Sergi Roberto from the field and put two kids in: Gavi and Yusuf Demir. There were whistles for Sergi Roberto.

The following changes were Mingueza by Eric García and Coutinho by Luuk de Jong. The fans whistled the Dutch forward. The Camp Nou had already become a trial of Koeman’s project. Coutinho’s first shot, which went wide, received applause. The stands want to have fun, bravery and see more commitment and talent.

Barcelona’s game was stretched. He stepped on the German team area and the audience thanked him with applause. There were 20 minutes ahead of the game and Bayern were worth the result. Nagelsmann’s team decided to be conservative and not wreck it. Koeman finished the game by removing Jordi Alba, very tired, and putting the boy from the subsidiary, Alexander balde (18 years). The stands ask for changes. Laporta takes his time and it will be necessary to see if he has patience with a coach who did not sign and who responds to him in public. Bayern rounded off the win with another goal from Lewandowski, in the 85th minute, cutting Piqué in the area.

“The result is bulky and playing at home is bad. We are not going to fool ourselves. In general, I agree that young boys have entered and we have given our face. It is a very difficult year and I think we are going to compete. Now there is a difference , but we have more people to be more competitive. Now is what there is“, dice Pique after the win. “I think we started the game well, but we had problems getting to the top. We were unlucky with the first goal. Bayern have shown, to this day, to be a better team than us. Jordi Alba was ill at night, Luuk de Jong was his first game, the changes we have made … It is what there is. Young people have a future and we will see it in two or three years. We are going to get people back. Then it will be different than today, “says Ronald Koeman.

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