Julio Polished: "Laporta's CV is not to retain Messi, give away Griezmann and weaken his coach"

A year and a month later, Bayern Munich again passed over Barça in the Champions League. This time the bulky 2-8 result was not repeated, but nevertheless, the sensations are the same: a null hope deposited in a team that, after the departures of Messi and Griezmann, it seems that they lack many wickers to aspire for everything in Europe. The Bavarian victory by 0-3 at the Camp Nou on the first day of the Champions League, made the ‘Sanhedrín’ of El Larguero analyze the Barça debacle.

What feelings does this Barça leave after falling back to the Champions League?

Antonio Romero: “I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch the entire game and I want to say that this Barcelona is not there to compete with Bayern for the first place in the group, but hence, it has not passed the center of the field or shot on goal “There is a great chasm. In addition, the relationship between coach and president is very touched, but Koeman must be asked for something more.”

Sique Rodríguez: “Before, when you thought about the Barça line-up, you had doubts about who you were leaving on the bench. Now you have doubts about who you start. It has given me the feeling that Koeman has put young people to protect himself “.

Jordi Martí: “If you see that the plan of the first part does not work, and you go in the second and take the same approach, you are going wrong. Koeman must react, intervene and try. He has to get some young boy to give the team a spark. It is to wonder why it makes modifications when it goes 0-2 “.

Jesús Gallego: “The first limitation is the squad. Today has been a reality check. What has surprised me is the total mistrust in itself that this team has. Emotionally, I have seen a team buried in the bench and on the so-called leaders. “

Sique Rodríguez: “Barça started well in the first minutes, but it has been diluted”.

Is Koeman challenging Laporta?

Julio Pulido: “It is hard for the Barça fan to listen to their captain and coach tonight. This team has weakened in sport because they have lost fifty goals in the last year with the departures of Messi and Griezmann. They are no longer at the level. one of the greats of Europe. The Barça fan would do well to get used to the idea that this can be the case all year long. This now only has one solution: either Laporta or Koeman and it will be Koeman “.

Sique Rodríguez: “He can throw Koeman out if he is clear about the replacement. Jordi Cruyff does not want to and unless he changes his mind, Laporta does not see Xavi in ​​the first team.”

Miguel Martín Talavera: “Watching the Barça game today, it doesn’t matter if you would have put Guardiola on the bench. I think that Barça’s moment is more emotional. He is living the hardest moments he can live: a champion team, that has won a lot, that knows that it is no longer so“.

Jordi Martí: “It remains to be seen how Ansu, Dembélé and all the young people land. There are members to do a better role. There is one thing about Laporta that I do see as reasonable: if you think you have to be on top of the coach, you have to Telling him in private seems reasonable to me. “

Jesús Gallego: “Koeman is not one of those who bow his head, but it is true that he is already burned because he comes from a very difficult year. The only patch for Barça is on the bench.”

Has Koeman cheated on Barcelona?

Sique Rodríguez: “It is too early to see Laporta whistles, because people blame Bartomeu more.”

Julio Pulido: “Laporta’s curriculum is not to be able to keep and retain Messi at Barça, to give Griezmann to Atleti and weaken his coach publicly and privately.”

Antonio Romero: “The best Laporta has done in these months has been the Bernabéu banner. Furthermore, the other day he said publicly that in December the team could sign again at the highest level and that he was about to sign Neymar. Also he has deceived the Barça fans “.

Miguel Martín Talavera: “That Barça could not sign any analyst knew. Laporta’s great asset to be president was the renewal of Messi and he finished shooting with him. The day he left he did not even want to say hello.”

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