José Luis Espert

The candidate for national deputy for the Avanza Libertad front in the province of Buenos Aires, José Luis Espert, demonstrated this Tuesday against Kirchnerism, a space he condemned to “leave the political scene.” Along these lines, the economist warned him that he will be “his worst enemy” in the National Congress, while differentiating himself from Cambiemos. On the other hand, he revealed one of the keys to combat inflation from the Legislative Power.

“I am fighting for third place with the Left as a space, but outside the crack I am the most voted candidate in just two years with two toothpicks as an instrument to fight it in the province of Buenos Aires, which is several times a country”, began rescuing Espert in dialogue with MMD (A24), and compared the results of this year with those of two years ago.

“If you compare PASO against PASO, that of 2019 and that of 2021, because in 2019 a part of the Chamber of Deputies was also renewed, Kirchnerism lost 1,700,000 votes, of which Cambiemos won only 300,000,” he said, and took the conclusion that “it is not as cracked as some say this year’s election. We have won part of that 1,300,000 votes that did not go to Cambiemos ”, said the economist.

In this sense, he insisted that “obviously people no longer eat the crack as much as they used to”, but “they are looking for hard-working people like us, from the same world the voter comes from, and they ask them common sense things.” Espert explained.

At the same time, he analyzed that “if people are demolished by taxes, obviously a smaller state is needed.” And he evaluated: “If employers are terrified of hiring someone because the labor laws strike you down, obviously you have to change the labor laws; If you have 6,000,000 people working in black, you have to change the labor laws instead of talking about the Republic or Venezuela, ”the libertarian stressed.

He also warned that “with the bad economy, nobody votes for you and you lose the elections. It happened to Mauricio Macri in 2019, to Carlos Menem in 1999, it now happened to the Frente de Todos. With the economy in bad shape it is difficult to win elections. Then, a second analysis is to whom the votes that you lose go, but with the economy as the fret like this one, it is difficult “, he analyzed, and again mentioned the votes:” Of the 1,600,000 votes that Kirchnerism lost between 2019 and 2021, only Cambiemos won 300,000 ”.

Finally, Espert assured that “Kirchnerism is not going to have a worse enemy in Congress than us, Avanza Libertad.” “For us, Kirchnerism is something that has to leave the political scene in a democratic way, as urgently as possible,” condemned the leader of Avanza Libertad, who reached the threshold to participate in the General legislative elections on November 14.

When asked about the initiatives he would propose if elected, the economist stated: “We are interested in the projects solving people’s problems. I don’t care if they come from Cambiemos or someone else. If it is a project that goes against the people, we are going to vote against it ”, he highlighted, and exemplified:“ We would never have raised our hands in favor of the Rent Law. Now Let’s Change does not know what to do to turn this around ”, he chicaneó.

He also affirmed that “a lot can be done from Congress to lower inflation because inflation is a monetary phenomenon and you issue because you have a fiscal deficit.” And he suggestively explained where to start: “Let’s put the level of public spending at a level that people don’t suffer so much inflation. From Congress, part of the problem or all of Argentina’s inflation problem can be solved. We are going to go all out against public spending when we enter Congress, “he concluded.

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