Jennifer Aniston: The actress discusses the rumors that said she was in a relationship with David Schwimmer

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston reacted to the rumors that said she was in a relationship with David Schwimmer. Many wanted to believe that the two actors had made fiction a reality.

During the 2000s and for nearly ten years, Friends was one of the most watched sitcoms on the planet. The adventures of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel have been followed by thousands of viewers and marked an entire generation.

Friends @ NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Also, seventeen years after the broadcast of the last episode, the special episode, Friends Reunion, aroused a lot of emotion. With fans and actors alike, nostalgic for a bygone era but very happy with this reunion.

The show was also a phenomenal success since it has just been nominated for Emmy Awards.

A nice surprise for Jennifer Aniston

The interpreter of Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston, was indeed delighted that the episode event is named for the obtaining of four statuettes. She said during her visit to Entertainment Tonight :

It’s very exciting and it wasn’t even planned. We are in the same category asHamilton (famous American musical comedy, Editor’s note). It’s the closest I can get to Broadway. But yes, it was a good surprise.

And speaking of surprises, the 50-year-old actress had reserved a very nice one for her fans, whenit was unveiled in Friends Reunion that she fell in love with David Schwimmer at the time, who played Ross Geller.

They had even somewhat flirted with each other, without however following up on their reconciliation. Enough to ignite Internet users, many to say that the two actors had decided to give themselves a chance after the broadcast of the episode event.

Rumors quickly swept away by those concerned

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer won’t let their fans fantasize for long. The latter hastened to publish a statement in which he affirmed that there was “no truth” about these rumors.

For her part, the great friend of Courteney Cox confirmed the words of the ex of the British photographer Zoë Buckman:

It was weird, I couldn’t believe it didn’t. Was I there, like, really? It is my brother.

And analyze:

In a way, I understand. It just shows how much people hope fantasies and dreams come true.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer AnistonDavid Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston
David Schwimmer et Jennifer Aniston @ Friends/Warner Bross

But no fairy tale yet. The love story between Ross Geller and Rachel Green is only purely fictitious …

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