"It's complicated": Piqueras is sincere about the steps of 'Save me' and reveals his great secret

Pedro Piqueras was this Monday, September 13, the godfather of the premiere of ‘Los teloneros’, a humorous newscast led by Ricardo Castelo and Miguel Lago in Four. Director of ‘News telecinco’ He showed his most casual side with the comedians of ‘Everything is a lie’, and did not hesitate to address the viral situations in which he has been involved in his newscast: the controversial steps he receives from ‘Save me’ and the fits of laughter that sometimes invade him during the news.

One of the issues that have given the most to talk during the confinement have been the striking steps that the journalist received from the faces of ‘Save me’, either because of the words of affection and admiration from Raquel Mosquera or because of the dances in the afternoon magazine with those who greet you. “It’s complicated because sometimes you don’t know what face to put on. Normally what I do is stay with the face that I have at that moment, stay still, I don’t notice anything, “Pedro began by commenting in this regard.

Precisely, in ‘Los teloneros’ they put some of these moments in question, which quickly go viral on social networks due to the contrast in the tones of the two programs. After seeing how Paz Padilla danced on the way to news, Piqueras addressed how he lived that day in particular: “Put yourself in my place. They were dancing, they didn’t stop dancing, and I had to go in and I also think I had news of the Covid-19 deaths. So I ask myself ‘how am I going to do this?’ What are you doing? I did not do anything”.

It really is not an evil gesture towards them, as someone interpreted by my face, it is just the countenance I had while waiting. It is simply thinking ‘let’s see if they give me a pass now’. That was the face: let’s see if they give me a pass at once. But of course, that in networks imagine. The one that was mounted was mounted, “commented the presenter, thus clearing all doubts about how this type of transitions between programs feels to him.

The uncontrolled laughter of Pedro Piqueras in full ‘Informativos Telecinco’

Berto Molina

In addition to this tricky question, Pedro Piqueras surprised the two comedians by reveal your trick to hold back laugh fits live. Although sometimes he is unable to control them, the truth is that he does have a secret to turn to: a pin with which to prick himself.

“We don’t choose the clothes we wear, I have a suit assigned for each day. To mark it, they put a pin on it with the day I should wear it, and I usually take that pin to the set. If I see that I am going to laugh, I prick. It is infallible because you completely change your attitude, of focus of things. I say it a little jokingly, but that’s the way it is “, he confessed to the amazement of his colleagues, who agreed to point out how affable the person behind the presenter was.” I would like to do some humor, but I am pigeonholed “; face of ‘Informativos telecinco’ before being fired.

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