In his book, Eric Zemmour plays the old card of the obliged candidate

Éric Zemmour pictured at the Convention of the Right in September 2019 (illustration)

POLITICS – So it would not be power that interests him. Even less the turpitudes of political life. No, if Éric Zemmour is refining his presidential ambitions, it is because events force him to do so. This is the common thread of France has not said its last word (self-published by Rubempré), the last book of the putative candidate which comes out this Thursday, September 16. A 342-page story that feeds a single objective: to build the legend of a journalist forced by his lucidity to jump into the deep end of history. A hackneyed rhetorical process for those who swore they would not touch it (or no longer), used recently by Anne Hidalgo or in 2016 by Nicolas Sarkozy.

No numbers. No proposal. Not even the start of a program. Only a fresco of anecdotes and reflections proposed in the form of a timeline which starts in 2006. An autobiographical narration allowing the author to present things in this way: his destiny would marry that of France. Bar point. And almost in spite of himself: “in my childhood dreams, I never imagined being the head of state”. But that was before the whole world begged him to take the plunge. “The diagnosis, you made it a long time ago. Now we must act ”, his son would have launched to him, while“ for months, even years, many people, friends and strangers, famous and anonymous, encouraged me to come headlong into the adventure. presidential ”.

“Nobody fills the costume”

After all, Jacques Bompard, extreme right-wing mayor of Orange, did he not serve him the “famous Giscardian formula” according to which he was “not the best, but the only one” capable of saving France? And besides, has he not himself changed dimension without realizing it on the set of CNews? “I go from analyzes to comments, from comments to solutions, from solutions to recommendations, to the delight of my aficionados, who already project me to the Élysée”, writes Éric Zemmour who, after an interview with Marine Le Pen in 2020, is once again forced – then! – to face the facts: “My observation is distressing: nobody fills the costume”. So if “no one fills the costume” …

Finally, hasn’t his experience as a political journalist already opened the doors to power? Feasts with presidents in office, dinners with all that the right has barons … Everything is told by the menu, until the moment when, of course, his analyzes end up radiating the guests. Even the wife of Édouard Balladur would pinch it for him, when Emmanuel Macron himself would seek his insights on immigration. This is to say if there is something to “fill a costume”. And then, Eric Zemmour must still admit that the examples of Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump (which he cheerfully takes up the codes) gave him ideas. “I think, not without a certain envious admiration, that all the great transformations start from these regions,” he writes. As proof, it is not only his compatriots who push him.

“The French Trump is you”

In the book, the polemicist claims to have received on December 6, 2016 Rosine Ghawji, a Franco-American member of the Tea Party and ardent support of Donald Trump. Which, according to him, personally came to tell him this: “We have been studying the situation in France for months. We have seen the differences with America. We got it all. You are the French Trump ”. The pages and the years go by, and each story is the occasion for Zemmour to accredit the thesis according to which he is the only one to have identified a danger of “disappearance” which would threaten the country.

But not enough to push him to cross the Rubicon. Marine Le Pen did try to debauch him on the occasion of the 2019 Europeans, but unable to play the leading roles, he refused to participate in this “presidential election of the poor”.

However, for 2022, things are different: “rarely have we been as weakened, disunited, subverted, invaded as today”. Which, inevitably, obliges the essayist to put things this way, with an aplomb inversely proportional to his humility: “But, each time, France has found in itself, among its people, that it is Jeanne d ‘Arc, Bonaparte, or de Gaulle, a’ providential man ‘who carries iron and brings together energies in the name of the survival of the nation ”. We’ll let you guess who he’s thinking of.

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