"Zur Not erzwingen wir es" – CDU nimmt US-Millionenbetrüger als Vorbild für Wahlkampf-Motivation

14 Sep. 2021 13:25

In a motivational video for members, the CDU subtitled an excerpt from the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” with its own text. The film portrays Jordan Belfort, a US fraudster with millions – snappy comments were not long in coming.

The American stockbroker Jordan Belfert was once the darling of Wall Street. His brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont was now one of the largest companies on the market with over 1,000 employees. The company oversaw the IPOs of over 35 companies in the late 1980s and early 1990s and managed assets worth billions of dollars. But then came the deep fall.

Body language expert: The train has probably left for Laschet

The company was banned from the National Association of Securities Dealers for fraud against the customer in 1997 and closed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission just a year later. By then, investors had posted losses of over $ 200 million. Belfort was sentenced to four years in prison for securities fraud and money laundering. The fact that he cooperated with the FBI prevented a higher sentence. He was released after only 22 months. Since then he has worked as a management consultant and motivational speaker.

Hollywood mogul Martin Scorsese (responsible for classic films such as “Taxi Driver” and “Goodfellas”, among others) filmed the story and didn’t spare details about Belfort’s excessive lifestyle and drug use at the time. At one point in Scorsese’s film, Belfort, played by Leonardo di Caprio, gives a brilliant speech to his employees to persuade them to continue with the criminal business. Di Caprio was nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for brilliant performance and won a Golden Globe for his role that same year.

Ironically, Belfort’s motivational skills have now taken the CDU as a model, like the online magazine Vice reported. Exactly this passage, i.e. the request to continue with the criminal business, was taken from the film by the CDU and added its own subtitles to the scene:

“And we overtake the Sozen. And on September 26th it says: Smurfed, dear Olaf! Let’s go out now and let’s convince the people with Armin Laschet, and if necessary we will force it. We force it and are 100,000 votes ahead . We are closed. We are determined. We will win this federal election! Now let’s fight for 14 days! “

Reactions to the video, which is said to have been published on Twitter by the CDU press spokesman in Saxony, Paul Schäfer, and then deleted, were not long in coming. Blogger Thomas Knüwer tweeted:

“So the party thinks a fraudster is great who brought small investors $ 200 million. You don’t have to know more about the party.”

Spiegel journalist Anton Rainer sees it similarly:

“Two weeks before the election, the @CDU is looking for a role model and finds: A stock fraudster, drug user and money launderer with multiple criminal records, who has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of small investors.”

Allusions to the recent corruption scandals of the CDU were also in evidence. Another Twitter user wrote:

“After the mask and Azerbaijan affair, the Wolf of Wall Street reference is perhaps a little bit unfortunate.”

The clip got loud Vice on Sunday, i.e. on the evening of the Chancellor’s Triell, shown in the CDU party headquarters in Berlin. Upon request from Vice a CDU spokesman only announced that it was not an official party video. At the time of the performance, Laschet had not yet been to the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus.

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