How to efficiently manage conflicts in your work team?

One of the biggest challenges for those who hold management positions is the correct management of conflicts, both with other areas and in their own work team.

In the first place, it is important to answer a question that always arises when dealing with these topics: Leader, is he born or made?

The truth is that although some people have more intrinsic skills that allow them to achieve leadership roles, that does not mean that they will effectively fulfill that role.

It is necessary to learn to be a leader. Constant training allows you to optimize intrinsic skills, acquire new ones and implement other perspectives in the face of the daily challenges that such a position implies.

How to manage a conflict efficiently?

This is one of the most complex points to answer, since each conflict is immersed in a specific context and involves human beings, that is, cultural, emotional and psychological factors intervene.

The key is to act strategically. Faced with a conflictive situation, it is necessary to diagnose, analyze the reasons and possible solutions, and then take the necessary measures to solve it.

These are some recommendations that you should keep in mind:

1. Act on time

Many leaders, despite having detected the conflict, prefer not to occupy themselves in the moment and wait for perhaps time to resolve it. The reality is that the more time passes, the more the disparity will grow.

Acting on time is crucial so that the impact is not so negative that it begins to affect the entire work team.

2. Meet the protagonists

As we mentioned before, each conflict is unique and unrepeatable, therefore it is of the utmost importance to empathize with those who are confronted and understand the personal reality of each one.

Analyzing the situation from different and even creative perspectives will allow you to better understand what will be the right decision to make.

4. Make the crisis an opportunity

Believing that a problem is a crisis with no return that must be solved with authoritarianism or drastic measures is one of the biggest mistakes.

If, as Charles Chaplin says, “… stars are born from chaos”, then you must be certain that opportunities are born from conflicts.

In order to exploit the teaching and learning potential that all conflict has, it is necessary to have tools that allow it to be managed from other approaches

High performance teams and exceptional leadership can emerge from conflicts.

Where to learn the skills necessary to resolve conflicts?

The Management Skills Program of the ADEN Business School in Tucumán allows you to obtain theoretical knowledge and fundamental practical tools to transform the approach to conflict management.

You will also have instances of learning about effective negotiation, executive coaching and opportunities for improvement.

Another important point is that you can incorporate communication and relational skills, which have a positive impact on your personal and team management.

Being a prepared leader is the key to responding to the needs of today’s diverse and hyper-connected organizations.

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