"Havanna-Syndrom" – Kubanische Experten weisen Washingtons Theorie zurück

14 Sep. 2021 16:45

The disease, which the USA calls “Havana Syndrome”, is said to have been triggered by an attack with high-tech weapons among diplomatic representatives of the USA. Scientists from Cuba insist that the allegations have no scientific basis.

Reports of the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” first appeared in 2016. Washington insists that alleged “sonic weapons” have caused illness in US diplomats and their family members. The sick complained of dizziness, hearing loss and impaired memory. Americans who were staying in a hotel in Havana were affected.

Brain abnormalities?  US Embassy staff puzzles in Cuba

In Washington, DC, the consequences were taken: On September 13 of the following year, the US government ordered all employees of the US embassy to be withdrawn except for emergency personnel. Russia may be behind the attacks.

Biologists at the University of California, Berkeley, pointed to Caribbean crickets as a possible culprit. A sound recording from a hotel room was also used for this purpose. Nevertheless, the daring theory of a targeted attack persisted. A total of 16 scholars with ties to the Cuban Faculty of Science studied the syndrome and allegations from the United States, including experts in audiology, neurology, neurophysiology, epidemiology, internal medicine, psychiatry and psychology.

On Monday, the panel of Cuban scientists said on the state website Cubadebate:

“We conclude that the ‘mysterious syndrome’ narrative is not scientifically acceptable in any of its components.”

According to Cubans, this is the first report to comprehensively examine all aspects of the health incidents of US diplomats in Cuba. Even after four years there is still a lack of evidence, said Dr. Mitchel Avldés-Sosa, General Director of the Cuban Center for Neuroscience:

“(…) neither the Cuban police nor the FBI nor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have discovered evidence of ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Havana, despite intensive investigations.”

The story spread by Washington is hindering the cooperation between the two countries. The United States ignores Cuban reports:

“The international press continues to vigorously disseminate non-scientific statements that confuse the public and offend US officials who believe them. (The report) adds to the US Academics of Sciences claima detailed analysisthat microwaves cause health problems, which was carried out in close collaboration with international experts. “

The alleged sources of energy could not have damaged the brains of the US diplomats without being felt or heard by other people. The eardrum should have burst and skin burns should have resulted. But this did not happen.

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